For many years now, the continent has been a popular student destination for an ample number of reasons. Coming to students from India who are willing to study abroad always have Europe on their list. So what makes Europe a crowd favorite, be it international students or Indian Students, to choose Europe? Here is all you need to know about studying in Europe for Indian Students:

Study in Europe for Indian Students

Countries to Study in Europe for Indian Students

Geographically, Europe is made up of 50 countries. If talked about the European Union more commonly known as the EU, the member countries are 28. Here are the most preferred European Countries by Indian Students:

Study in the UK

Though not a part of the European Union anymore, UK is still one of the most preferred studies abroad destinations for Indian Students. In 2016-2017, there were more than 16000 Indian Students in the UK according to the Ministry of External Affairs India. 84 of the universities from the UK feature among the top universities of the world by QS world university rankings 2020. Quality of Education is the biggest driver in attracting a large number of Indian students to the UK.

Study in Germany

Next comes Germany. As you might already know, public universities in Germany are completely tuition-free. Apart from free education in Germany, the country is also one of the manufacturing giants and engineering capitals of the world, considering how Engineering is preferred in India, MS in Germany has been one of the favourites for Indian Students. In the year 2018, more than 15000 Indian students were studying in Germany.

Study in France

For the quality of education it provides, France is one of the best value for money destinations of the continent. France is one of the cheapest countries to study abroad for Indian Students. 31 Universities of France feature among the top universities of the world by QS Rankings. France actively wants Indian students in French Universities to develop strategic ties with India. They achieved the target of having 10000 Indian students in 2019, and now aim to have 20000 Indian students in 2025. In short, the country is very welcoming to Indians, and it is one of the best European countries to study and work.

Study in Ireland

Ireland is home to some of the most historically important and prestigious universities in the world. Eight of them are listed among the top universities of the world. Irish Universities are known for the quality of education and research facilities they provide. Around 2500 Indian Students were studying in Ireland last year. There are also provisions for stay back to look for employment in Irland. 

Study in Netherlands

The Netherlands, along with Germany was one of the few non-English speaking European countries to offer a large number of English speaking courses for higher education. Dutch, in general, are very good with English, with the country having one of the highest percentages of English speakers to its population. 13 Universities from Netherlands feature in the list of top universities in the world.

Universities in Europe

Coming to the universities for the Indian Students, the options are plenty. If the high quality of education is your priority, there are more than 350 universities to choose from. However, the number of universities in Europe exceeds that largely. The oldest operating university of the world, the University of Bologna resides in Europe, too. The university was established back in 1088. Then there are world-renowned universities like Cambridge and Oxford. You can find the full list of Universities in Europe: Universities in Europe

Masters in Europe:

A large percentage of Indian students going to Study in Europe are the graduates who want to continue their postgraduate studies. Masters programs in Europe Taught in English are some of the most sought after programs in the world. They are known for their theoretical excellence as well as the research opportunities it provides to international students. Also, a masters degree from a European University makes the students acceptable to employers all around the world. You can read more about Masters in Europe here: Masters in Europe

Cost of Studying

Germany and Norway Universities are the cheapest universities in Europe for international students. There are only semester fees to be paid. Other than that, they are completely tuition-free universities. European Universities are also known for being some of the most affordable universities when compared to the USA and other English Speaking destinations of the world. Some of the most affordable countries to study in Europe are: Poland, Hungary, Greece, Germany, Latvia. Here is all you need to know about: Cost of Studying in Europe

Student Visa in Europe

For many countries in Europe, Schengen Visa is an option if students are looking for short term courses. For the courses longer than three months, most countries have requirements for a student visa for Indian students. One needs to apply for the visa in many countries three months before the intake, as the process is somewhat time-consuming. Indian students are advised to apply for the visa as soon as they receive the confirmation of application from the university they have applied to. Read More: Student Visa in Europe

Where Should You Study Abroad in Europe?

If you are convinced about studying in Europe, however still confused about which country to study in, we have prepared a quiz for you to decide. You can check out Best European Countries to Study Abroad by Various Factors to better understand your needs and which country suits you the best. To take “Where Should I Study Abroad in Europe” Quiz, Click here: Where Should You Study Abroad in Europe?

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