If you are planning to get your degree in MBA from an abroad country then all we can say that Canada is one of the best destinations to get a degree in MBA. Thousands of students apply every year for the course but only the best applicant gets the chance.

Steps to apply For an MBA Degree in Canada

Canada has a huge platform for the MBA candidates who want to study in Canada. But the question is how you can apply for MBA in Canada and what are the criteria needed to be eligible for the course. Below here are few points that will tell you about how to apply for MBA in Canada.

1. Get The Application Form First Of All

If you want to get an application form then you should send inquiries to the institute about it around 16-18 months before the admission date. You can get the application form in two ways either by mail or download it from the website of the university.

  • Request Application through Mail: You can request an application form from the websites of the universities. Most of the universities display the form on their website and this application material can be requested totally online

  • Downloading Mail From Website: Many universities also display the application form on their website, which can be downloaded and is in the version of ready to print. You can use these to apply as regular forms

After you have got your application there will be few requirements of the applications. They are listed below.

2. Transcripts And Academic Records

Your academic records and marks of the past are one of the most important factors to decide your admission in business schools in Canada for MBA. Most of the business schools have the criteria to have a good academic record.  However, the universities of Canada have marking system of their own style and this is quite different from all universities. Keep in mind that you don’t convert your marks according to the country or University that you want to study as you might not get an accurate conversion.

3. Admission Test

  • GMAT: The scores of this exam are required by many universities and the minimum score required is from 500 while many universities require 600.
  • TOEFL: This test is a significant one for those who are not from Canada and want to apply for studying in Canada. The minimum scored required by the universities is from 550-600.

4. History Of Work

Most of the business schools in Canada have the criteria that the candidate should have a work experience of at least 2-3 years. You have to provide a detailed resume to them for your admission.

5. Recommendation Letter

This increases the chances of getting your admission. If you have any recommendation letter from a person who knows you professionally or has taught you about the subject that you are applying for then it will be of great benefit to you. The teacher or the author should mention his position in the letter and tell about how good and capable you are in doing things.

So, those were the points mentioned above telling about how to apply for MBA in Canada. Doesn’t seem easy if you an international candidate but not impossible.

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