For over a decade now, Study in Canada has been a favorite destination for the international students all over the world. The number in fact has been growing gradually every year, and there is no decline to be seen in the near future. There are number of reasons why study in Canada for International student is beneficial, and we will get back to that, too. For now, here are some of the important things to know for international students coming to study in Canada:

Things to Know Before Studying in Canada for International Students

1. Colleges and Universities in Canada and their Rankings:

The colleges and universities in Canada are some of the top ranked educational education in the world. 26 of the universities in Canada are ranked in the top universities by the QS University Rankings. The Colleges are perfect for the pre-graduation studies and post-graduation diplomas, whereas the universities can grant the Master’s and MS in Canada, which are highly reputed for the research facilities and the quality of education they provide. Here is all you need to know about top universities in Canada and their rankings: Top Universities in Canada for International Students 2019-20

2. Intakes in Canada:

The fall intake (September) is the main intake for Canada, and mostly all of the courses are offered in this intake. Another intake is the winter (January) intake. Many universities offer number of courses in this intake, too, despite this being the secondary intake. That’s not even all, and there is a third intake for few of the courses, which is spring (May) Intake. Keep in mind that there are little to none courses for the spring intake. For more intakes in all the universities in Canada and other deadlines, click: Intakes in Canada

3. How to Study in Canada for Undergraduate - Bachelor’s Courses:

If you have just finished your schooling with a +2, there are number of opportunities to study in Canada for the two and three year diploma courses and the 4 year bachelor’s courses. The undergraduate courses are offered by both colleges and universities in Canada, however, the universities are preferred the most by the students. There are 47 SDS Colleges and Universities in Canada for students from China, India, Vietnam and Philippines. The minimum requirements for the diploma courses under the SDS program is 6.0 overall and 5.5 bands in each module in IELTS, and for the bachelor’s degree, one needs to have 6.5 bands overall with 6.0 bands in each module. Read more at: Admission Requirements for UG & diploma course in Canada

4. How to Study in Canada for Postgraduate - Master’s Courses:

As we have already mentioned, there are number of universities in Canada for the Master’s which appear in the top university rankings. The Master’s and MS (Master of Science) degrees are granted only by universities. There is also an option for post graduate diploma in Canada for the international students who have completed their 3 year bachelor's programs as the Master’s Programs need 16 years of education for the admission. The other requirement are IELTS scores of 6.5 bands overall and 6.0 bands each. The master’s programs also ask for a bachelor’s or equivalent degree as previous education, preferably in the same field of study. Read more on: Which one is better to study in Canada: Masters or PG Diploma?

5. After the Studies: Post Graduation Work Permit Program

Stay Back options in Canada is one of the most prominent reasons to study in Canada. For the courses that have the duration of less than 8 months, there is no provision for the stay back. For the courses from 8 months to 1 year, the stay back duration is same as the duration of the program. For courses of 2 years and more, the duration of the Stay Back is 3 years. Keep in mind to apply for the post graduate work permit program in Canada within 3 months of the completion of the program. Read more at: Work Permit and Stay Back Options after Study in Canada

Benefits of Studying in Canada:

There are number of reasons to study in Canada, such as the English Speaking Courses, Affordable education and the top ranked universities. The cultural diversity and student centered cities which are result of the international students coming to Canada from all over the world. Read more on the Benefits of Studying in Canada here: top 10 reasons to study abroad in Canada 2019 - 20

Study Abroad Scholarships for Canada:

Though the universities and colleges in Canada are already many folds affordable than the neighbor in South, there are still some courses that can seriously dent your pockets. The Study abroad scholarships, along with the international student’s loan is a great way to fund your studies abroad. Here is the list of all the scholarships available: Scholarships in Canada 2019

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