As Canada is becoming the crowd favorite destination when it comes to studying abroad, some questions arise in students’ minds. Is it allowed to have part-time jobs in Canada for Indian students? How to get a part-time job in Canada? How much is a part-time salary in Canada? Is it possible to work while the academic session is going on? What about the holidays? To all the related queries, here are some pointers that will help you get answers about part-time work in Canada while studying.

Part Time Jobs in Canada

A Part-time job is an essential aspect of an international student’s life. It will not only help you afford your academic expenses and tuition fees but will also add to your working experience. The working experience gained in Canada will play a vital role when the academics are over, and the candidate is looking for a job in his / her field of specialty. Without further ado, let’s dive into the specifications.

Permits and Conditions:

First, let’s talk about the work permits and conditions that are applied to an international student who is willing to work in Canada. An international student has to follow them if he is willing to do the paid work. If a student is volunteering, working on campus like helping a professor, or a research work, the work permit is not required. For any off-campus paid work, one has to apply for the work permit after six months of study or has to have a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Here are the permitted hours for part-time jobs in Canada for international students:

During Academic Session: 20 hrs/week (maximum)

During Summer Break / Holidays: Full Time

Monetary Pay:

Part-time jobs for students in Canada mostly pay hourly. In Canada, part-time hourly pay varies from 10 CAD to 14 CAD. There are chances that you will not always get a job in your field of study. You can also look for online part-time jobs from home in Canada. Here are some best part-time jobs Canada offers, along with the highest paying part-time jobs in Canada:

  • Bookkeeper: 25 CAD/hour
  • Educational interpreter: 13 CAD/hour
  • Customer service assistant: 11 CAD/hour
  • Aquarium interpreter: 13 CAD/hour
  • Sales assistant: 12 CAD/hour
  • Cook: 13 CAD/hour
  • Office assistant: 13 – 15 CAD/hour
  • Human resources assistant: 13 CAD/hour
  • Lifeguard: 12 CAD/hour

Summer jobs for students in Canada

  • Painter: 13 CAD/hour
  • Festival coordinator: 10 CAD/hour
  • Camp counsellor: 12 CAD/hour
  • Program facilitator: 13 CAD/hour
  • Recreation facilitator: 15 CAD/hour
  • Reading program leader: 14 CAD/hour
  • Entertainment activities coordinator: 15 CAD/hour
  • Baker: 11 – 22 CAD/month

Dos and Don’ts:

To find a suitable job, one has to keep looking for it. Students are advised to take part in various campus activities, to help meet as many people as they can. Making contacts and expanding the network will help them get a job. Make a solid resume for a part-time job in Canada.

College and Universities have bulletin boards, where students can find out about part-time job openings. They can look for a part-time job in their field of specialty off-campus. One can always try to find a job in their respective field of study as a priority. Because a summer job was done in a respective field will add to your experience and network.

In any case, students must follow Visa rules that apply to them, and never break any laws. Doing so, their career might be in danger and there is a strong possibility of them being deported.

In conclusion, you can have any one of the best part-time jobs in Canada, and be financially supported for your academic fees and day-to-day expenses.


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