Many international students wish to take admission at MBA programs in Canada but they face many hurdles in between, one among them is GMAT score. You will be thrilled to hear that you no longer need to worry about this if you want to study MBA programs in Canadian universities because there are certain Business schools in Canada without GMAT. 

If you are an MBA candidate who’s not great at taking tests or earned a low GMAT score then you can apply to these to study in Canada without GMAT. The Business Schools offering MBA in Canada without GMAT can be Executive MBA Programs, Full-Time MBA Programs or Online MBA Programs. These schools will accept your application for the program of MBA in Canada without GMAT, as long as you meet certain specific other requirements.

MBA in Canada Without GMAT

Requirements to pursue MBA in Canada without GMAT for international students

► Good GPA in bachelor’s degree

While most universities don’t ask specifically for a valid 12th score but they do ask for a good GPA from your Bachelor’s course. So, a GPA of 3.00 and above is required to get enrolled in MBA universities in Canada without GMAT.

Relevant work experience: 

The applicant should build a strong relevant work experience of at least 2 years if they have a four year Bachelor’s degree, and three years if they have completed three-year graduation before applying for an MBA in Canada without GMAT score

Providing of a CV

C.V/ Resume must have all your professional details, be it a paid internship, a managerial post after bachelors, or a technical role that needs to be mentioned in detail along with the work responsibility or the things managed by him/her during the job. It is mandatory to study MBA in Canada without GMAT.

Getting Recommendation Letters

Getting reference letters from at least 2-3 previous employers is mandatory to get admission in one of the best universities in Canada for MBA without GMAT.

Documents Required

The documents needed for taking admission in MBA colleges in Canada without GMAT are given below:

  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Marksheet of 12th and Graduation
  • Letter of Recommendations from previous employers
  • Relevant Work Experience Certificate
  • IELTS/TOEFL scores
  • Application Essay/Statement of purpose/ Motivation letter

MBA Colleges in Canada without GMAT

Getting acceptance into an MBA program in Canada without GMAT can be a bit difficult. Most of the MBA universities in Canada ask for a competitive GMAT score for admissions, which may not be possible for every applicant. So for them, we have listed some of the top universities in Canada for MBA without GMAT requirements:

Queen’s University Smith School of Business

MBA students can complete their course in just a period of 12 months while they continue to work. To enrol in this business school candidates need two years of work experience and an undergraduate degree in business or a related field, such as accounting, statistics, marketing etc. 

Instead of a GMAT score applicants are tested on their work experience, academic background, and leadership skills. With the help of your resume, official transcripts, cover letter, references, and personal interview they take a decision about your enrolment.

Schulich School of Business – York University

Schulich School of Business offers an Executive MBA program which does not mandatorily ask the candidates for GMAT score. It is amongst those popular universities that offer an MBA program in Canada without GMAT for international students. 

If you meet particular criteria the GMAT requirement for the program of a full-time MBA can be ignored. The student must have graduated within the last five years from the Schulich BBA or iBBA programs. Their GPA must be on average of a B+ or higher. Under these two situations, a GMAT score is not required.

Lakehead University Thunder Bay and Orilla

The program at Lakehead University is a 1-year MBA in Canada without GMAT having three terms and providing students with a comprehensive and integrated knowledge of business and management. Students will develop their communication, analytical and decision-making skills. 

Instead of GMAT Score, students must fill out a completed application required by the institution. This application contains references, official transcripts and a statement of academic intent.

Thompson Rivers University Business and Economics

The MBA program at this university can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. Full-time students graduate in two years, taking courses in human resource management, managerial statistics, strategic management information systems, and more. Part-time students can complete it in five years. You can also find an accelerated one-year MBA program. 

To apply applicants must have completed a three or four-year undergraduate degree with a GPA of at least 3.0. Other requirements for application contain the  IELTS test, TOEFL test, or completion of the TRU ENGL 1100 course to know your English language proficiency.

New York Institute of Technology, Vancouver, British Columbia

The New York Institute of Technology accepts students with a basic GPA of 3 or higher for its management courses. Additionally, the institute has set the IELTS score of the applicant which is above 6.5 bands to get admission. It offers both an MBA in Finance and an MBA in Management which does not require you to qualify GMAT for admission. 

Ivey Business School, Toronto 

Ivey Business School offers a part-time Executive MBA program for those wanting to study in the country while working. To get admission in this course, the school asks the student to present a detailed and comprehensive resume as a replacement for GMAT scores. It will be a 15-month program, in which you will have to attend the classes once in a month for a span of four consecutive days.


In some business schools in Canada MBA admission decisions are taken depending on the student’s analytical skills, decision-making skills, leadership and communication skills through education and work experience, without requiring GMAT Score. As we have mentioned there are several top-class Canadian universities accepting candidates without their GMAT scores as long as they meet certain other requirements. Grab the opportunity and build a great career.

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