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Program Type
Courses Type
Exams Accepted
EMLYON Business School

EMLYON Business School

Location: Lyon, France

Bachelors: EUR 13950 Masters: EUR 19300
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
ESCP Europe Business School

ESCP Europe Business School

Location: Paris, France

Bachelors: EUR 18000 Masters: EUR 19900
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
Grenoble Graduate School of Business

Grenoble Graduate School of Business

Location: Grenoble, France

Bachelors: EUR 32025 Masters: EUR 14100
Entry Criteria: GMAT ,IELTS MORE
EDHEC Business School

EDHEC Business School

Location: Roubaix, France

Bachelors: EUR 12375 Masters: EUR 15000
Entry Criteria: GMAT ,IELTS MORE
Rennes School of Business

Rennes School of Business

Location: Rennes, France

Bachelors: EUR 25000 Masters: EUR 18200
IESEG School of Management

IESEG School of Management

Location: Puteaux, France

Bachelors: EUR 11390 Masters: EUR 17500
Entry Criteria: GMAT ,TOEFL MORE

MBA in France

MBA in France

One of the most visited tourist destinations in the world is also one of the most prestigious and internationally preferred destinations for business and management studies. MBA in France is one of the most sought-after programs in the world. There is a number of private and public universities in France with masters in business administration courses.

Business Schools in France

As we have mentioned, French Business schools have a number of courses for international students with a range of specializations. One can pursue programs like MBA in healthcare management in France, MBA in international business in France, MBA in marketing in France, MBA hr in France, MBA in aviation management in France, and many more. There are also special courses like one year MBA in France, an Executive MBA, and Part time MBA in France. The Part-time MBA in Paris is a favorite among the students. You can find more information here: Management in France

MBA in France Cost

The MBAs are not always known for their affordability. However, when it comes to France, the MBA costs are much lower than those of the USA, UK, and other English-speaking countries and comparable to the average cost of MBA in Europe. Talking about the top 10 universities to study MBA in France, the Grenoble Business School is the most affordable. The cost of MBA in Grenoble is 15000 euros, however, the average MBA in France cost for Top French business schools is 40000 euros. As expected, the best universities in Paris for MBA cost more than other student cities in France.For more information click: Cost of studying in France

Course Duration of MBA in France

The duration of MBA in France is different for different universities. Some Business schools have a course duration of 24 months/two years while others provide a 16-months MBA crash course. If you want to pursue a diploma in  MB, then the duration will be a minimum of one year.

Documents Required for MBA in France

The main document required for the application procedure is as follows :

  • A valid passport
  • Complete application form with passport size photos
  • Letters of Recommendation and Resume
  • Financial documents
  • Loan documents
  • Statement of Purpose/ Essays as directed by the MBA colleges in France
  • Original and authentic transcripts of schools and/or college
  • Scholarship Essay, if applicable
  • Other supporting documents as asked by the university

Application Process for MBA in France

  • Almost all French universities provide an online application form on their website. Students can download the application form and follow the guideline, given there.
  • After filling the application form, all required documents must be attached to it  You would also need to pay a small amount as the application fee.
  • Also, know the submission deadlines of the universities and try to submit the form as soon as possible and not wait till the last moment.
  • The university decides to take interviews of the student either on the phone or through any other electronic means of communication.
  • Ensure that you have received your student visa so that as soon as you receive the admit letter, you can join the university without delay, or else the admission can be canceled.

Structure and Content of an MBA in France

Most courses of MBA schools in France are designed as full-time study programs, taking around a year of study to complete. Part-time variants of some programs may be available. Besides it there are some of the top French MBA schools that also offer Executive MBA (EMBA) courses, focusing on candidates with substantial high-level experience and usually designed to pursue along with existing employment and professional responsibilities.

MBA in France contains lectures on business theory and methodology, expanded and enhanced through group seminars and workshops. You will probably begin with a selection of core modules, followed by more specialized elective options and opportunities for exchanges, project work, and internships. 

France business school

French Business schools have a number of courses for international students with a range of specializations. International students can study programs like MBA in international business in France, an MBA in healthcare management in France, an MBA in marketing in France, MBA  in HR in France, MBA in aviation management in France, etc. There are also special courses like one year MBA in France, Executive MBA, and Part-time MBA in France. The Part-time MBA in Paris is a favorite among the students.

Here are the Top 10 universities in France for MBA:

1. HEC Paris(Establishment year 1881) 
Courses offered

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) 
  • Master in Management
  • MSc in Marketing

2. ESSEC Business School (Establishment year:- 1907)
Courses offered

  • Global MBA for Senior Executives
  • Global BBA
  • MSc in Management

3. EDHEC Business School (Establishment year:-1906)
Courses offered

  • Global MBA
  • MSc in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management
  • MSc in Marketing Management 
  • MSc in Strategy & Organization Consultancy
  •  MSc in Creative Business
  • MSc in Management Studies
  • MSc in Global Business
  • Master in Management Grande Ecole - Business Management
  • Master in Management Grande Ecole Financial Economics

4. EMYLON Business School(Establishment year:- 1872 )
Courses offered

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • M.Sc. in Global Entrepreneurship
  • MSc in Management - Grande Ecole
  • MSc - Luxury Management & Marketing
  • M.Sc. in Sports Industry Management

5. Grenoble Graduate School of Business(Establishment year:-1984)
Courses offered

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
  • MSc in Digital Business                  
  • MSc. in Entrepreneurship & Global Marketing                   
  • MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship                              
  • MSc Business Development                       
  • MSc Marketing Management                    
  • Master of Science in International Human Resource Management and Organizational Development
  • Master in International Business                              
  • MSc Fashion, Design and Luxury Management  

6. Audencia Nantes School of Management(Establishment year:-1900)
Courses offered

  • Master of Business Administration
  • MS in Supply Chain and Purchasing Management
  • MS in Food and Agribusiness Management
  • in Management & Entrepreneurship in Creative Economy
  • International Master in Management
  • Master in Management (Grande Ecole)

7. IÉSEG School of Management (Establishment year:-1964)
Courses offered 

  • International MBA
  • Bachelor in International Business      
  • MSc - International Business Negotiations
  • Master of Science in Big Data Analytics for Business
  • MSc in Business Analysis and Consulting
  • Master of Science in Digital Marketing and CRM
  • Master of Science in Fashion Management
  • Master of Science in International Business
  • Master of Science in Management

8. ISM Paris
9. Toulouse
10. Ecole des Ponts


There are many top business schools in France that are triple-accredited and also come under the top ranking colleges in France. It will improve the skills of students in key areas of management and business administration including economics, finance, accounting, marketing, HR, strategy, project management and leadership, and many more. 

Employment and career opportunities with an MBA in France

Whatever your intended field of employment and personal career goals, you can expect an MBA in France will significantly enhance your CV. With a qualification from one of the top MBA colleges in France, you can locate yourself confidently and competitively in any graduate recruiting environment. This means that even domestically accredited programs at smaller schools benefit from an enhanced international profile whilst still offering highly targeted training in their specific fields.85%-90% of students from the France MBA universities can find prompt employment and can expect to earn a salary of approximately $80,000 and $120,000.

MBA in France without IELTS:

Yes, it is possible to study MBA in France without IELTS. When a candidate has completed the previous education in English or the relevant work experience is enough for the universities, there is a possibility to study in France without IELTS. However, the English language requirements always rely on the proficiency of the candidate over the video interview, the requirements of the French embassy, and the application evaluation of the university and the application for each candidate are evaluated differently. Make sure you know the admission requirements beforehand. 

MBA in France without GMAT:

There are specific requirements to pursue MBA all around the world, and GMAT is one of them. Many times, the requirements are different from the courses, but either a GMAT or GRE scores are required for MBA. The good news is, MBA in France does not necessarily require the GMAT scores for international students. Here is the list of Business Schools in France that do not require GMAT: MBA in France without GMAT

Scope of MBA in France:

With Britain’s exit from the European Union, there is a chance of many companies shifting their headquarters to France, Berlin, and Dublin. The ever prestigious MBA in France becomes all the more important after this. The universities in France are known all over the world, and the education of the country follows the Bologna Process, which is accepted all over the world by employers. Based on their specialization, the candidates can choose any field from the wide range of opportunities available worldwide.

Details of other master courses: Masters in France

List of MBA Universities in France by Specialization:- 

Business Administration Universities in France

General Management Universities in France

International Business Universities in France

Human Resource Management Universities in France

Supply Chain and Logistics Management Universities in France

Entrepreneurship and Leadership Universities in France

Law Universities in France

Banking/Finance/Accounting Universities in France