SAT Exam Fees

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SAT is one of the most important entrance exams to be taken by candidates all over the world, making it one of the most taken exams in the world, too. Here, we are talking about the exam fees needed to be paid for SAT registration, Cancellation and other costs. If you want to know more about the test itself, here are some useful links:

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SAT Exam Fees

The exam fees for the SAT vary, depending on the country you are from. The SAT Exam fees can be anywhere between US$52.50 to US$101.50. Apart from the SAT Exam fees, candidates outside of the USA will have to pay Non-US Regional Fees also. There are different fees for SAT Subject Tests and SAT exams with Essays. Here is all you need to know:

  • In the USA, the SAT Exam fees are $49.50, and if one wants to appear for the SAT Exam with Essays, the fees are $64.50. Students outside of the USA will have to pay additional Non-US Regional Fees, which are around $45-$50.
  • Similarly, for the SAT exam with Essay, the Non-US regional fees will be added to the registration fees of $64.50
  • For SAT Subject Tests, one will have to pay the basic subject test fees of $26.

For Services like cancellation and rescheduling, there are additional fees as mentioned below:

SAT Cancellation Fees

If the cancellation is done before five days of the booked exam date, the candidate is eligible for a refund amount of $10. After that one would not be eligible for any refund. The students are therefore advised to opt for the Date change in unfavourable conditions rather than opting for a cancellation.

SAT Rescheduling Fees

Candidates who are looking for SAT rescheduling, one can change the SAT or SAT subject tests, test centres and test dates. The rescheduling fees for the SAT are an additional $30. Similarly, the Late registration fees for the test is $30.

One can also register for SAT by the Phone, however, they must have registered once previously. This will cost $15 additionally to the SAT exam Fees.

SAT Waitlisting Fees:

For the students who have missed the deadlines for the SAT exam, they have the facility to register in the waitlist. Though, they can be turned down if there are no slots available on the test centre you have chosen. The waitlisted candidates are allowed to take the test if there are enough slots and study materials allowed on the test centre. The Waitlisting for SAT works on first come first serve basis. The fees are same for the registration here, however, there is an additional cost of $53 for the waitlist. 

SAT Subject Test Fees

The registration fees for the subject tests are $26, and there are additional $22 fees for each subject that candidate wants to appear for. If one wants to appear for language test along with listening, the cost will be an additional $26.

Summary of SAT Exam Fees:

Registration Fees

US$52.50 to US$101.50

Non-US Regional Fees


Late Registration


Phone Registration (If already registered)


Rescheduling Fees


Waitlisting Fees



SAT Fee-Waiver

The SAT fee waivers are available for students from the USA who are in the grades 11 and 12th. US citizens who do not reside in the country are also eligible for the waiver in the SAT fees. The SAT fee waivers are also available for the students from grades 9 to 12 willing to appear for SAT Subject Tests.