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What is SAT exam?

SAT exam 2018 – 2019 is an important exam for the students seeking admission in undergraduate and bachelor’s courses in US and Canada. Most of the universities in Canada and USA require their students to take SAT. SAT is an assessment of verbal, written and mathematical skills of the student. A new SAT format was introduces in 2016.

There are two types of SAT exam:

  1. SAT Reasoning Test
  2. SAT Subjects Test

As said earlier, SAT is an assessment of candidate’s Mathematical skills; Evidence based reading / writing, and English Language skills. SAT subject tests as the name suggest, are more particular subject centric tests. Some colleges ask for SAT subject tests for some specific subject related courses. SAT can be taken seven time in USA and six times in all other countries. The months to sit for SAT 2018 – 2019 are October, November, December, January, March, May and June.                                     

SAT Exam Eligibility Criteria

  • There is no set eligibility criteria for SAT exam. Students take it when they are in the senior school as it proves to be helpful in admission for undergraduate programs.

  • There is no age limit for SAT exam; candidates can take the test for admission purpose or for seeking financial assistance.

SAT Exam Syllabus

SAT Exam Syllabus

Types of SAT

1. SAT: SAT is an assessment of writing, reading and mathematics. These are the subjects taught every day in the schools. Students generally start preparing for the SAT when they are in 11th, and sit for the exam in 12.

Test Duration

3 hours 45 Minutes

2. SAT Subject Tests: Subject Tests are more subject centric, and they allow students to take exam for a specific subject they are confident in. These tests are in the following areas:  Science, Mathematics, History, Foreign Languages, and English. Some colleges might ask for subject tests, some not. Students should research thoroughly first if the college they are applying for requires a particular subject test or not.

Test Duration

1 hour

SAT exam India Syllabus consist of Writing and language, Reading, Writing, and mathematical test; the subjects that are mostly taught in high schools. There are subtopics to these SAT subjects also, as listed below:

SAT Syllabus



Critical Reading

1. Reading comprehension

2. Sentence completions

3. Paragraph length Critical Reading

Math Section

1. Algebra and functions

2. Geometry Statistics

3. Probability and Data analysis


1. Essay section

2. Multiple choice sections

SAT Exam Dates

Here are the SAT exam dates for Indian Students:

SAT Exam Dates in India

SAT Exam Registration Deadline

Late Registration Deadline

October 7, 2018

September 8, 2018

September 27, 2018

December 2, 2018

November 2, 2018

November 21, 2018

March 10, 2019

February 9, 2019

February 28, 2019

May 5, 2019

April 6, 2019

April 25, 2019

SAT Exam Preparation

SAT Exam Preparation

How to prepare for SAT exam?

  • Not only GPA and Letter of Recommendations and Application Essay, SAT scores also show your preparation to study in a university. It is important for students to go with a comprehensive preparation for SAT exams. Here are some preparation tips for SAT exams:

  • Your vocabulary and logic are checked by Sentence Completion exams. The question format is one or two blanks and candidates are required to fill the blanks with right answers.

  • For reading comprehension, there is one short and one long paragraph. Candidates will have to read the paragraphs with a glance and go to the questions quickly. Locate the answers in the paragraph later after you have read the questions. You can keep the difficult questions for later.

  • Types of Multiple Choice Questions in SAT Exam papers:

  1. Replace incorrect part of a sentence
  2. Spot the error part in a whole sentence
  3. Improve and rearrange a jumbled paragraph.
  • These questions mostly asses your understanding of English Grammar, tenses and the rules of the language. Simplest answers are correct more often than not.

  • Essay Writing on the other hand, will assess the clarity of thoughts while making an argument or providing a counter argument. An essay must be in one flow, and you should always out your thoughts with evidence and examples for more impact, but always stick to the point.

  • The Quantitative questions will be of MCQ nature. Candidates will also be given reference information. This will contain constant values and formulas that will help you solving the problems. Candidates are allowed to use calculator.

SAT Registration

How to Register for SAT Exam

There are two ways for the SAT exam registration in India.

Register Online

  • A Student Account needs to be created on the website.
  • Select SAT exam Dates and Test Center. (There is no option for Sunday or Close to home center) SAT exam centres in India can be found on “college board” website.
  • You will get a confirmation notification of registration.
  • You can pay the fees via Credit or Debit Card / Online fund transfer.
  • SAT registration deadlines fall before three to four weeks to test date
  • A Late registration will cost you late fees, and the deadlines for a late registration fall two to three weeks before the test date.

Register by Mail

  • You will need ‘The Student Registration Guide for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests’, available at the schools.
  • This guide will have the registration form and a return envelope.
  • After filling the form, it should be returned with a DD (demand draft)
  • USIEF is local representative for SAT in India. Mailed forms are directed to regional office.

SAT Exam fees

These are approximate amount of SAT exam fees in India:

Basic Fees

US$ 52.5 (Approx.)

Non-US Regional Fee

US$ 42

Total Fees (Without Essay)

US$ 94

Total Fees (With Essay)

US$ 106

SAT Exam Centres in India

States with SAT Exam Centres in India:






Madhya Pradesh




Andhra Pradesh



West Bengal


Tamil Nadu

Uttar Pradesh



SAT Exam Pattern

Along with an optional part of essay, which is not scored, there are three other sections of Mathematics, Evidence based reading and Writing in SAT Exam format. The Essay section is 50 minutes long, and can be of issue based or argument based subject.

Here is the SAT paper pattern

Here is the number of SAT exam questions according to the respective SAT exam subjects, and SAT exam details for SAT scores:

Subjects for SAT Exam




Score Range

Essay (optional)

50 minutes

1 Essay(50 minutes)

This section requires students to evaluate an argument through analysis of evidence

not scored


80 minutes

Calculator allowed

37 questions

  • Problem-solving and data analysis

  • The Heart of Algebra

  • Passport to Advanced Math


Calculator not allowed 20 questions


65 minutes

52 questions

No Sentence Completion

Tests understanding of passages from the US and world Literature, Social / Historical Studies & Sciences (500-750 words)

200-800 (combined with Writing section)

Writing and Language

35 minutes

44 questions

  • Tests ‘Expression of Ideas’ and ‘Standard English Conventions’ through passages related to Careers, History/Social Studies, Humanities and Science

  • Extended prose Questions (400-450 words)

200-800 (combined with Reading)


3 hours (50 minutes optional)

154 questions



As seen above, SAT exam duration is three hours for three SAT subjects, excluding breaks. For essay, 50 minutes are added to the total time.

SAT Exam Result and SAT scores

SAT Exam Result and SAT scores

The scale of SAT scores is between 400 and 1600. These scores, once declared can be sent to the Universities that you choose at the time of the SAT registration. The Time duration for the results to be declared is about five weeks after you have taken the examination. SAT results can be requested offline, too. If you are registering online, you will have to request for paper transcript at the time of registration. If the registration was made offline, the candidate will get a paper mark sheet only.

What is a Good SAT Score?

Top Scores (in top 10%)

  1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing




Competitive (in top 25%)

  1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing




Average (in top 50%)

  1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing




Below Average

  1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

500 or less


510 or less

Candidate has the option to send the SAT scores to four colleges for free, after that, additional fees will be charged. Keep in mind that most colleges accept the scores sent by College Board only, and not any other online / digital copy. You can change the colleges you want to send your scores too, by login and changing your preferences.

Additionally, the SAT score 2018 can be sent to additional colleges post registration, too. The applicants will have to make additional payments to get their SAT 2018 scores sent to these colleges

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