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International students have now been long preferring Canada over the other English Speaking Countries. For the ones who want to start their Canadian journey early, to study bachelor in Canada is the best possible way. Colleges and universities in Canada for the undergraduate courses are aplenty, and the courses offered are well on par with the international standards. Here we are talking about Bachelor Degrees in Canada, their duration, costs and everything one needs to know about them:

Bachelor Degree in Canada for International Students

A Bachelor Degree in Canada is, as we mentioned, some of the best ways to start your academic journey. Now, how long is a bachelor in Canada? Depending on the province you are looking forward to studying a bachelor in Canada, the duration will change. The courses normally last for three to five years. The most important requirement for these Bachelor’s / undergraduate / baccalaureate courses is the completion of Secondary Schooling.

There are also the Honours Bachelor Degree in Canada, in which there is a major subject the student will be concentrating more on. Sometimes, an Honours degree will have an additional year of study, however, that depends on the course and the university.

Duration of bachelor degree in Canada

Generally, Bachelor's degrees in Canada normally require 3 to 4 years of full-time study to complete. However, the duration of the degree also depends on the city or the program is specialized or general.

For example, a Bachelor of Journalism in Canada can take up to 4 years of time to complete whereas a bachelor of health science in Canada can take 3 years to 5 years to complete.

Bachelor degree in Canada eligibility

You are eligible to apply for the Bachelor’s in Canada if you satisfying the following :

  • Successful completion of the school academic program with strong marks which is equivalent of a Canadian secondary.
  • Proof of strong proficiency in English or French if you want to study in French. You may be required to provide proof of language proficiency by way of a language proficiency test. For example  IELTS, TOEFL,

Study in Canada bachelor degree options

You can find bachelor courses in Canada in the following kinds of degrees

1. Bachelor of Arts in Canada

B.A. degrees are given to students pursuing a programme in the Liberal Arts such as History, Humanities, Political, Social Sciences etc. Here we have listed few of Bachelor of Arts in the country :

  • Bachelor in hotel management in Canada
  • Bachelor in  labour studies in Canada
  • Bachelor of  biology in Canada
  • Bachelor degree in culinary arts in Canada
  • Bachelor of Economics in Canada

2. Bachelor of Science in Canada

BSc is an undergraduate study program that can help students to achieve the required skills for the workplace or for additional educational pursuits.  Here are a few bsc courses in Canada :

  • BSc  in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Bachelor of biotechnology in Canada
  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in nursing in Canada
  • bachelor in health science in Canada
  • Bachelor of Health Sciences Biomedical Sciences
  • Bachelor of Science in biology in Canada

3. Bachelor of Engineering in Canada

The Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng) is an undergraduate degree achieved in one of the Engineering fields such as electrical, computer, civil etc. It takes three to four years to complete a B.Eng. degree. Here are a few listed :

  • Bachelor of automotive engineering in Canada
  • Bachelor of civil engineering in Canada
  • Bachelor of Industrial Engineering in Canada
  • Bachelor of mechanical engineering in Canada
  • Bachelor of aerospace engineering in Canada
  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in Canada
  • Bachelor of computer engineering in Canada

4. Bachelor of Business Administration in Canada

A student can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree by completing one of the necessary studies relating to business. Here are listed few:

  • Bachelor of business in Canada
  • Bachelor's degree in marketing Canada
  • BBA in Accounting in Canada
  • Bachelor of finance Canada
  • Bachelor of Human Resource Management in Canada

5. Bachelor of Commerce in Canada

B. Com degrees allow students to specialize in a number of business sectors, such as entrepreneurship,  international business, hospitality,  technology entertainment, media etc. Some of them are :

  • Bachelor of Commerce - International Business in Canada
  • Bachelor of Entrepreneurial Management in Canada
  • Bachelor of Marketing in Canada

Bachelors in Canada Cost:

The cost of a Bachelor in Canada is many folds more than the cost of studying for a Masters in Canada. The table below shows the average tuition fees in the universities and other educational institutes in Canada for particular courses. Keep in mind that the fees may be a lot lower or higher than this, as this is a national average for the whole country. The overall average bachelor in Canada cost is somewhere around 29,714 Canadian Dollars.

Cost of Living for a Bachelor in Canada is the same as any other international student. As far as the proof of funds to be shown, the cost of living would be around CAD 10,000 apart from the tuition fees that they pay. Here is the list of bachelor degrees in Canada with their average cost.

Study Fields Cost
Average cost of bachelors degree in Canada CAD 29,714
Bachelor of Education in Canada CAD 35,000 - 200,000
Bachelor of Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies in Canada CAD 25,127
Bachelor of Humanities in Canada CAD 29,714
Bachelor of Social work in Canada CAD 13,700 - 60,666
Bachelor of Law in Canada CAD 33,192
Bachelor of Business Management in Canada CAD 28,680
Bachelor of Physical and life sciences and technologies in Canada CAD 31,536
Bachelor of computer science in Canada CAD 33,012
Bachelor of Architecture in Canada CAD 26,457
Bachelor of Agriculture, natural resources and conservation in Canada CAD 26,208
Bachelor of Dentistry(Dental surgery) in Canada CAD 56,621
Bachelor of Medicine in Canada CAD 45,000
Bachelor of Nursing in Canada CAD 21,922
Bachelor of Pharmacy in Canada CAD 40,960
Bachelor of Veterinary medicine in Canada CAD 63,323
Other health, parks, recreation and fitness CAD 24,626
Transportation, Protective and Personal Services CAD 20,332

For more information click here: Cost of studying in Canada

Best bachelor degrees in Canada

Bachelor in Canada programs place a high value on quality education. International Students can experience an intellectually and multicultural environment that forces them to think critically and improve their knowledge. Some of the popular bachelor degrees are already mentioned above, other than those you can take bachelors in the following study field :

  • Bachelor in public health in Canada
  • Bachelor's degree in food and nutrition in Canada
  • Bachelor of Social and behavioural sciences, legal studies
  • Bachelor of physiotherapy Canada
  • Bachelor of interior design in Canada
  • Bachelor in Business Communication
  • Bachelors in psychology in Canada
  • Bachelor of accounting Canada
  • Bachelor of Geosciences in Canada
  • Bachelor of information technology in Canada
  • Bachelor of hospitality management in Canada

Other Undergraduate Courses in Canada for International Students

Other than the Bachelor in Canada, there is also an option to opt for a UG Diploma, the undergraduate Diploma. They normally last for six months to one year, and in some cases, two years. The UG Diploma courses are for the students willing to study for a specific course or a skill, and would not be attempting to study Masters after their Diploma. As they are more oriented towards getting the candidates into an occupation/job, they do not hold the value a bachelor in Canada would have.

Bachelor degree 4 years Canada

Some Bachelor programs in Canada can take a long time such as Four years of life. But in exchange, it provides a valuable degree which is recognised all over the world. Here are a few 4-year bachelor's degrees in Canada.

  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication at University Canada West (UCW)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in University Sainte-Anne
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics at the University of Regina
  • BA in Applied Communication and Culture Leadership in University of Prince Edward Island
  • Bachelor of Commerce in University Canada West (UCW)

3 Year Bachelor Degree Programs in Canada

As the Masters in Canada require 12+4 years of education, a 3 years Bachelor Degree Program will be rare and hard to find. However, there are some colleges in Canada that offer 3 Year Bachelor Programs in Canada, and there are some other undergraduate programs in Canada, too. A large number of students also ask for Bachelor in Canada without Maths, we have included some of those courses in the list below as well.

  • BA in - English, French, History, Psychology and Sociology
  • Bachelor of Management
  • BSc in - Anthropology, Physics, Science Teaching, Geography, Astrology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics and Statistics, Global Health, Microbiology and Immunology, Applied Mathematics, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • BSc in - Applied Computer Science, Computer Security

2 Year Bachelor Degree Programs in Canada

There are a number of Diploma courses as far as 2 year undergraduate programs in Canada go. However, there are not many 2 Year Bachelor Degree Programs in Canada. Here are some options:
BSc in Ecological Restoration at the British Columbia Institute of Technology

Bachelor Degree in Canada for Indian Students

A large number of Indian students wish to study for a Bachelor’s Degree in Canada, and they can apply for them just like any other international student. Indian students can apply through SDS in Canada which fast-tracks the process of visa application for Indians. You will get more information here: Student visa in Canada. With SDS, the IELTS Requirements for Bachelor in Canada would be 6.5 as the SDS stream itself requires it specifically. The undergraduate courses in Canada for Indian Students remain the same as they are available to international students in Canada. Here are some of the top Degree Colleges and Universities for Bachelor in Canada:

Top Universities and Bachelor’s Degree Colleges in Canada

Here is a brief list of Universities and Colleges in Canada for bachelor’s degree.

Top Bachelor’s Universities in Canada

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Montreal

For more universities in Canada for bachelor's degree, check this: Universities in Canada

Top Bachelor’s Degree Colleges in Canada:

  • Humber College
  • Centennial College
  • St. Clair College
  • Conestoga College
  • Fanshawe College

Cheapest bachelor degree in Canada

Canada provides a high-quality education at an affordable price as compared to other popular countries such as the USA, UK etc. Here are the cheap universities in Canada for bachelors

  • Brandon University
  • Université de Saint-Boniface
  • University of Guelph
  • Canadian Mennonite University
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland

How to Apply for a Bachelor in Canada?

There are some requirements a student will have to fulfil for enrolling into a Bachelor in Canada. You can apply online to most colleges and universities in Canada. Here is the checklist one should go through before applying for a bachelor in Canada:

  • A student should have completed at least 10+2 or equivalent for their Education. (Transcripts and Marksheets)
  • A Valid Passport
  • CV of the Candidate
  • There should be proof of English Language proficiency such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. (Test Scores)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • There are some fund requirements a student will have to prove, that shows the student is able to sustain himself for a year.

Bachelors in Canada without IELTS

Some universities like Concordia University and the University of Winnipeg offer bachelor degree programs in Canada without an IELTS exam. You can always join these universities, but it is to better check the terms and conditions on their website before making your decision. However, submitting an IELTS score will always give you a benefit over others.

In conclusion, there lies an ocean of opportunities for international students from any country for Bachelor in Canada. The Country has been proactively welcoming the students to come and study in Canada, and sure has created a warm, conducive environment for the same. The most popular is the Toronto bachelors. One cannot go wrong with choosing to pursue their bachelor in Canada.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

A bachelor degree course in Canada is an undergraduate academic degree awarded by colleges and universities after completion of a course of study in a major after school level. Bachelor programs in Canada generally require 3 to 5 years of full-time study. The course can be general or specialized. 

The easiest bachelor degrees in Canada are Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of International Relations, Bachelor of Journalism and Communication, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Public relation and Bachelor of Education Arts.

Canadian Bachelor degrees are usually known as the equivalent of USA degrees. Canadian education is valued and recognised all over the world. The institutions in Canada go through rigorous examinations to obtain regional charters and membership in a nationwide membership organization, AUCC, as an institution of higher learning.

Normally, bachelor study in Canada takes 3 to 5 years of full-time study to complete. However, the duration or length of the program also depends on the city or the program is specialized or general. 

You can apply to the Canadian universities online for pursuing a Bachelor there. For application take a note that you have Completed secondary school academic program with a strong percentage and you will also require Proof of strong proficiency in English or French.

The average fees for bachelor courses in Canada for international students are around 29,714 Canadian Dollars. As far as the proof of funds to be shown for getting a student visa, the cost of living would be around CAD 10,000 apart from the tuition fees that they pay.

The cost of a bachelor degree in Canada for international students fees depends on the specialisation as well as the province you are studying in. On average, the cost per year for bachelors is around CAD 29000.

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