Nov 26, 2018

Top 10 Law Schools in USA 2019 | Application Requirements to Study Law

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Top Universities in USA have been consistent with their education standards. Best law schools in the US have not been behind. If you want to pursue a law degree in USA, these are the top 10 law schools. Furthermore, we have listed the steps to Study law in USA, along with requirements to study law in USA and types of law degrees.

Top 10 Law Schools in USA 2019

Top 10 Law Schools in USA:

US News Rankings (USA)

Top 10 Law Schools in USA

QS World Ranking for Law Schools

THE World University Rankings for Law


Yale University




Stanford University




Harvard University




University of Chicago




Columbia University




New York University (NYU)




University of Pennsylvania




University of Michigan




University of California, Berkeley (UCB)




University of Virginia



Programs to Pursue at Best Law Schools in the US:

1. Juris Doctor (J.D):

If you want to practice law in USA, the Juris Doctor is necessary. All the best law schools in the US have the Juris Doctor program. A juris doctor program to study law in USA are generally for three years. The program runs for four years for part time students.

2. LLM (Master of Laws)

As the name suggest, the LLM is done to further expand the knowledge in one specific aspect of the law degree, or for the international students who want to study law in USA and want to get adjusted to US Law system. The program is for one year.

3. Doctor of Juridical Science

When you study law in USA, an S.J.D is the highest law degree you can pursue. It is a doctorate level law degree (similar to PhD). The program id for three years. Only a few of Best law schools in the US offer the S.J.D program.

What to Study? Types of Law Degrees:

The structure students follow to study law in USA is a bit different from others. The first year of law degree covers more universal topics, and more or less every law student will be taught those subjects.

The second year at the law schools bring the practical experience, students can practice and understand law in real world. At the beginning of the third year, student can pick one of the specialities given below:

  1. Best Law Schools to Study International Law in USA

  2. Best Law Schools to Study Public Law in USA

  3. Best Law Schools to Study Criminal Law in USA

  4. Best Law Schools to Study Business Law in USA

  5. Best Law Schools to Study Patent Law in USA

How to Study Law in USA? Application Requirements to Study Law

  1. To apply for a law school in USA, you will need a bachelor’s degree or equivalent (a four-year degree) in any subject.

  2. Most of the ABA (American Bar Association) approved law schools and non-ABA approved law schools require you to apply through LSDAS (Law School Data Assembly Service). Register with LSDAS.

  3. Prepare and take LSAT. LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test. It is a standardised test for law school candidates. LSAT is accepted in many countries, but it is all the more important if you want to Study in USA and Canada.

  4. Take IELTS/TOEFL. American Universities, obviously, are English Speaking Universities. If English is not your native language, you will have to prove your English Language proficiency to study law in USA. In most cases, the candidates take TOEFL and IELTS.

  5. Prepare relevant letters of recommendations, academic or professional.

  6. The final step requires proof of funds to sustain yourself in USA for the duration of the course, if you are applying for Student Visa in USA.

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