Indian students make the second most number of international students in the UK, and the United Kingdom tops the list of many Indian students who are willing to study abroad. As Study in UK is one of the most preferred abroad education destinations, the admission process and acceptance rates are somewhat intimidating for the students. Now, as the Brexit (the UK opting out of the European Union) is nearing (29 March 2019), things are about to change. What if we tell you that Brexit will benefit Indian Students with their dream to study in UK at the best of the Universities? Here is how:

Why Brexit will Open-up Study Abroad Options for Indian Students

Need To Accept More International Students:

As the UK exit the European Union, The best universities in UK will need to increase the ratio of international students in their institutions. To deal with the financial crisis that will arise when Britain will separate from the EU, Universities in UK will have to accept more international students.

Talking about International students who are studying in UK, China and India have the largest number of their students at the best Universities in UK. This also includes the Russell Group, which is the group of 24 high research output Universities in UK. According to the chairman and vice president of Glasgow University, “Many universities will try to do this because it will be the only way to respond to a sudden fall in income.”

The Russell Group includes top-ranked Universities in UK such as Glasgow University, Imperial College London, and University College London. At Universities in UK, the international students almost pay double the fees than locals. Now that the universities are in need of finances, accepting more international students is the best option.

Effect of Brexit on Universities in UK

Now that Brexit is happening, the inflow of EU citizens in UK will be decreased by large numbers. The immigration policies of UK will no longer be subjected to your nationality but it will depend on the skills you possess. This means the students and the staff will be treated the same whether they are from EU or any other country in the world. The students from the EU will no longer be the priority as they were before.

How Will This Benefit Indian Students who want to Study in UK?

Now that the Universities in UK will be in shortage of professors and students from the EU, there will be a need to accept more and more international faculty and students. This will result in Universities opening their arms to welcome more international students from the likes of India and China. 

Not only that, Brexit will also put the EU students and other international students on the same level of competition. As we mentioned before, the EU students and citizens will no longer be given the priority they were given before and the competition will provide a level ground-based purely on the skills of the individuals.

Post Study Work Permit and Tier 2 Visa in UK:

The international students will be allowed a six-month post-study vacation to find a permanent job in their field of study. Not only that, during these six months, the students are allowed to work part-time in UK while they are looking for a permanent full-time job.

The number of Tier 2 skilled workers visas in UK is limited to 20700 per year for international applicants. Indians make 55% of that total, but that is also not enough. According to new rules stated by Home Secretary Sajid Javid, the limit of only 20700 visas a year will be removed, so more candidates can apply and receive the Tier 2 Visa. This is a huge relief for Indian skilled Immigrants, as they will be able to receive the visa without worrying about the limitation on the number of visas.


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