Aug 2, 2018

Study in UK: Top 10 Universities in UK 2019

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World-renowned Universities and Infrastructure, quality education and research facilities, and future opportunities. These are some reasons every student would consider when thinking about studying abroad. Study in UK for Indian students offer them a chance to quality education and better future. Here we are talking about top universities in UK that are ranked highest. This list will give you an idea about top universities in UK, according to UK university rankings 2019.

Study in UK: Top 10 Universities in UK 2019

1.University of Oxford

The oldest English University in the world is world famous for the alumni it possesses. Moreover, it has the highest faculty to student ratio among all the top universities in UK. It offers tremendous academic possibilities with facilities like Oxford libraries, laboratories, and museums.

2.University of Cambridge

Ranked at number sixth in the world, University of Cambridge is no less than their rivals Oxford are. It is made up of 31 colleges. Founded in 1209, it is the second oldest English speaking university. It boasts of the facilities as good as the Oxford Universities, such an example is its 114 libraries across the colleges.

3.Imperial College London

Imperial College of London holds an impressive ratio of international students. It is renowned for engineering, medicine, science, and business, all around the world. Not much behind Oxford and Cambridge, it holds the eighth position in world university rankings. Moreover, it was ranked first in the Guardian University guide for Career Prospectus.

4.University College London

A crowd favorite among international students, UCL has a large number of international students coming from outside of the UK. International students make up to 40% of its large student base. The student population of 38900 makes it one of the largest universities in the world.

5.University of Edinburgh

Situated in Scotland, University of Edinburgh boasts of historically important alumni like Charles Darwin and Alexander Graham Bell. Established in 1582, it is one of the world’s most ancient running universities. It is ranked at UK’s fourth research power for its excellent research quality. Moreover, it is ranked at number 6 for employability in the UK.

6.University of Manchester

Another University well known for its excellence in research, Manchester boasts of a whopping number of 40490 students. Additionally, 11000 of them are outside of the European Union, making it one of the universities in the UK with a higher International student ratio in the students’ community.

7.King’s College London

King’s College is established in London, and it is famous for its medical education. It has the oldest operating nursing school in the world established in 1960. I.e. the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery. It is ranked 21st as world’s most prestigious university, and 7th for graduate employability in the UK.

8.London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

It is a university with higher international student percentage. It is placed 38th in the world for 2019. It is ranked in global top ten for two important factors: employer reputation and percentage of International students. In 2017, there were 287 Indian students enrolled in London School of Economics and Political Science.

9.University of Bristol

The University of Bristol is one of top 10 Universities in UK. It is associated with 13 Nobel Prize winners till date. As far as research goes, University of Bristol is a member of the Russell Group, which is a self-selected association for Research Universities. In UK, it is ranked among top 5 for research excellence.

10. University of Warwick

Another member of the ever-prestigious Russell group, University of Warwick also boasts of higher REF (Research Excellence Framework) rankings. According to THE (Times Higher Education) 2018 edition for teaching rankings, it is fourth best university after Oxford, Cambridge, and Sorbonne.

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