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With top-ranked universities, research facilities, and endless opportunities, studying in UK has been a favorite for Indian students for since long. After Brexit, there are a lot of confusing notions around UK, that needed to be addressed. So how does it stand for Indian students in UK in the upcoming years? Here are all the important things you need to know if you are someone who is confused about studying in UK.

Indian Students in UK 2020

Myths about Indian Students in UK Struggles:

There are some misconceptions among the students regarding what the UK will hold as a study abroad destination, and here we are trying to clear them for you:


UK is Expensive:

The currency of the United Kingdom is stronger than the Indian rupee, However that does not translate to the overall expensive cost to study in UK. According to research by HSBC, the cost of studying and living in UK is lower than USA and Australia. Add to that the fully paid scholarships offered by UK universities and other organizations, and you can study in UK for effectively free. You can read more on that here: Study in UK for Free.


Job Certainty

There is a misconception about the certainty of a job after studying in UK. That is not true at all. The Universities in UK have close ties with the companies based there for the internship opportunities for students. UK invites a number of skilled workers, and a large number of the visas granted include Indian Visa holders. Additionally, UK has 2000 places for the candidates who are willing to set up their own business in UK once they have completed their studies.


UK student Visa New Rules

The changes to the requirements for the short-term study are made easier for students. International students can study in the UK as a visitor for less than 6 months, without obtaining a specific short-term Student visa. The working rights after completion of studies in UK of 2 years for all the international students and 3 years for Ph.D. students. This is known as the “Graduate” route which will take effect from the summer of 2021. 

Read full news here: UK Introduces New Student Visa Rules from 5th October for International students


Effects of Brexit

There are multiple effects of Brexit, including the exit of Great Britain from the European Union. For Indian Students, the effects are beneficial. There is a need to accept more international students at the Universities in UK now, and there is no added competition of EU students being preferred. 


After Brexit, the EU students will no longer be a matter of preference and they will compete with students from all over the world for admission. Moreover, with EU privileges no longer available at universities in UK, there will be a decline in the number of EU students, and that will benefit students from other parts of the world. You can read a more detailed take on that here: Why Brexit Benefits Indian Students


Number of Indian Students in UK

Here are some of the statistics about Indian students in the UK that will give you an idea about how large the Indian community is when it comes to studying in UK.


  • Indian Students in UK 2019:  In the year 2019 around 30,000 Indian students received a Tier 4 (study) visa for the year ending September 2019 which is up from almost 19,000 the previous year. An increase of 63% is almost four times as fast as the global rate.
  • Indian Students in UK 2020: The Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that Indian nationals accounted for 17% of the total 299,023 sponsored student visas granted by the UK Home Office at the year-end of March 2020. This number is more than double from 2019. However, the Covid 19 lockdown post-March is yet to be considered in the figures, which could also impact numbers from India.
  • Indian Students in UK 2021: According to the data shared by UK Home Office, a total of 90,669 Indian students were issued visas in the 12-month period ending in September 2021. Compared with the year ending in September 2020, there was an increase of 45,677, marking a 102 % increase in student visas issued to Indians.


Scholarships to Study in UK:

There is a number of Scholarships available at the Universities in UK for Indian students. Along with the reduction in tuition fees, there is financial aid such as traveling fares, living expenses, health insurance, and more. Indian students benefit from the commonwealth scholarships among the many. For all the scholarships available in UK for International students, click here: Scholarships in UK for International Students.


Ph.D. Funding for Indian Students in UK:

There are many ways Indian students look for their doctoral studies in the UK. there are two ways, in which students get financial aid in the UK for their Ph.D. There are pre-funded programs, which have deducted course fees to start with, and they cost less from the beginning. The other way is to go for project-based funding, which is more competition-based, and the projects are funded once they are over.


Best UK Universities for Indian Students

Once you have decided to study in UK, the next step is to look for a University, with the most prestigious education system in the world. Here, we have made a list of top universities in UK, in which Indian students are enrolled in large numbers. You can see the full list of Universities in UK here: Top Universities in UK | Courses, Admission, Ranking & More


  1. City University, London
  2. Heriot-Watt University
  3. Middlesex University
  4. Edinburgh Napier University
  5. Swansea University
  6. Buckinghamshire New University
  7. Keele University
  8. Staffordshire University
  9. University of Chester

How to Apply? UK Application Process:

If you want to apply to universities in UK, there are some general requirements and procedures to apply at the University. You need to look at the courses and Universities you want to go to, and admission requirements are needed to be fulfilled first. Once you have completed the application process, the next step would be of Tier 4 Visa application process. For starters, here is all you need to know about applying to the Universities in UK: How to Apply to Universities in UK?

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