Dec 31, 2018

5 Things to Know About Higher Education in UK 2019

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Looking forward to Study in UK? We present you five facts about one of the most prestigious study abroad destination on the planet. From 137 Universities in UK, whether you want to pursue Bachelor or Masters in UK, these will help you look at UK as a study abroad destination in different light:

5 Things to Know About Higher Education in UK 2019

1. Most Number of Students to Study in UK: Asians

More than 44 percent of the international students studying in UK are from Asia. Universities in UK are full of students who have come from Asia. Chinese make the most number of international students in UK, and at number 2, there is Hong Kong.

On the second place, there is Europe, with Germany, France and Italy having the most number of students who study in UK.

2. More Chinese are studying Masters in UK than Bachelors

Now that we know that most number of international students studying in UK are Chinese, let’s see what they are studying. According to HESA, Higher Education Statistics Agency, more than 50000 Chinese students are studying masters in UK. On the other hand, the Chinese students who are enrolled in an undergraduate degree at Universities in UK.

Other countries with higher number of students studying masters in UK than bachelors are USA, Nigeria, India, Thailand and Saudi Arabia. From Europe, Greece and Germany are such countries.

3. MBA in UK is one of the most popular programs

MBA in UK is one of the most sought after programs. Business Universities in UK are some of the world’s best b-schools to pursue business and management.  The second closest stream of studying in UK is science subjects which are close to medicine and bio-technology. Here is the top 5 courses to Study in UK, in their descending order of popularity.

  1. Business and Management Course

  2. Biology and Medicine

  3. Social Studies in UK

  4. Arts and Humanities in UK

  5. Engineering and Technology

4. STEM Programs to Study in UK for International Students

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

In 2016-17, more than 43 percent of the engineering and technology professionals in UK were from outside of UK. The scenario was same for the other STEM streams like biology, mathematics and physical science (approx. 39 percent).

According to Chief of Universities in UK, Alistair Jarvis, the foreign students and professors make vital contribution in research and teaching at Universities in UK. Four in 10 academics study Masters in UK for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

He also added, “The future immigration must allow talented students and staff to work and study in UK with minimum barriers.”

5. More than 50% of the graduates are high skilled employees

When we talk about the people aged between 21 and 30, 57.8 percent of graduate students and 73.9 percent of postgraduates are in high skilled employment. This shows that you have a higher chance of employment in United Kingdom after Studying Masters in UK. However, there are more unemployed 21-30 year old degree holders (4.1 percent) than the national average of 2.8 percent.

The rate of unemployment is 6.7 percent for non-graduates and for the people with undergraduate degree, the unemployment in UK is just 2.6 percent.

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