Since past few years, Indian students have been exploring the phenomenon called Study Abroad. In fact, in the last decade, the number of Indian Students Studying Abroad have been increased by more than 90 percent. Here is all you need to know about Indian Students Studying abroad, where they are large in numbers, and what they are choosing to study in recent times:

Indian Students Studying Abroad: News, Facts and Preferences

Number of Indian Students Studying Abroad:

According to Ministry of External Affairs, more than 7,50,000 Indian Students are studying overseas. The number is 7,52,725 to be exact. Indian Students are in more than 90 countries of the world. However, the majority of them are in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, China and then European Countries like France and Germany. Close to 52% of these students are in USA, Canada and Australia, according to Indian Students Studying Abroad Statistics 2018:

Here is are top countries with the most number of Indian Students in them:


Number of International Students







New Zealand





Source: 1

Number of Indian Students in USA is decreasing:

However, as the visa rules get stricter, the number of students who are interested in USA are slowly decreasing. Till 2009, Indian students were the largest demographic among the International Students in USA. For the past few years, Chinese have been the largest student body in USA, followed by the Indians. Strict PR rules are also a deciding factor for the Indian Students, as most of them prefer better stay back options and job opportunities after their program is over. On the other hand, Countries like Canada and Australia have been experiencing higher influx of application from the Indian Students.

More Indian Students Interested in Canada than USA

Since 2017, the international students applying to Canada have increased by 16.25%, whereas there was a hike in the number of students applying to USA, though it was 1.5%. For India, the number has been decreased for USA, and a close to 33% of all the Indian Students looking to study abroad are opting for Canada in place of USA. As we have mentioned, the Trump factor and inflexible visa rules of USA has been the reason for the decline. Canada on the other hand, have been actively welcoming students and immigrants into Canada, along with lucrative PR opportunities.  Read more on Canada and the USA here: Canada vs USA: Where to Study Abroad?

Number of Indian Students in UK is supposed to Increase:

After Brexit, the Universities in the UK will not be any different for the students from the EU, and India. That serves as the benefit to Indian students. Moreover, the limit of Tier 2 visa for skilled immigrants (or Post Study Work Visa in UK for Indian Students) have been lifted. Previously, there was a limit of 20700 visa, Indian skilled Immigrants made 55% of the total. With the cap removed, the number of opportunities are endless. Read more on that here: Why Brexit will Open-up Study Abroad Options for Indian Students

France wants 10000 Indian Students Studying in French Universities:

In recent visits of many of the French Diplomats in India, one thing was emphasized the most. To make the ties between France and India tighter. Both the countries have signed the MOU for the recognition of each other’s degrees for the higher education. According to the French Foreign Minister, France had aimed to have 10000 Indian students studying at French Universities by 2020. There are a number of Scholarships included, and the Alumni Network was also introduced this year in India. Read more: France wants 10000 Indian Students to Study in France by 2020

New Zealand is avoided by Younger Indian Students:

A very large number of Indian Students leave New Zealand once the studies are over. In the year 2017-18, as many as 27000 Indian students left New Zealand after their program was over in New Zealand, leaving only 3000 students staying back in the country. Another Trend to notice here is younger students are avoiding New Zealand and opting for other countries. The fact that an undergraduate degree costing $33000 compared to a PhD program, which would cost only around $7000. Cost and Affordability are the some of the most important factors for the Indian Students Studying Abroad. Here is all you need to know about costs in New Zealand: Cost of Living and Studying in New Zealand for International Students

STEM are the Most Preferred Courses:

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics are the most preferred streams of Indian Students Studying Abroad. Science and Engineering are some of the most taken after programs back here in the home, and that reflects when students are opting for further studies abroad. Another course chosen by a large number of students is Management. MBA and other Business/Management courses are taken by the students who are willing to add value to their CV by international degree and internships.

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