Feb 4, 2019

France wants 10000 Indian Students to Study in France by 2020

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In recent years, the western European country has seen the increase in the inflow of international students, especially Indian students. With the Visa requirements for USA, UK and Australia tightening, the popular study abroad destinations for Indian students will change and France wants to strengthen the educational ties with India. If you are an international student who wants to study in France, France wants you, too.

France wants 10000 Indian Students to Study in France by 2020

Study in France for Indian Students

According to Jean-Marc Ayrault, French Foreign Minister, France wants to strengthen the strategic partnership with India and welcoming more and more Indian students in France is a way to do that. Last year, around 4000 Indian students studied in France, and the country wants the number to reach at 10000 upcoming years.

During his visit to India in June 2019, the French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne emphasised on increasing the number of Indian students studying in France, saying, "For who wish to study in France, France is delighted to welcome them. French is not a necessity to study in France, however, it is an opportunity to learn one of the most widely used languages in the world. There is also an opportunity to study and work simultaneously. France wants 10000 Indian students by 2020, and it is a matter of pride for us."

This particularly is a good news for the Indian students who are looking for an affordable study abroad destination, with the courses taught in English. As France wants to attract more Indian students, there is a possibility of relaxation in student Visa and other perks for Indian students. The whole process to Study in France for Indian students might get easier than it is now.

Ayrault said this while launching the France Alumni Network at Alliance Francaise in Bengaluru. The Alumni Network is multilingual digital platform to connect, inform and guide the international students studying at Universities in France for higher education.

Benefits of Studying in France for Indian Students

Affordable and Quality Education is what makes France an attractive option for the Indian students. Compared to English Speaking nations like USA, UK and Australia, France has very affordable tuition fees for the English Speaking Courses. Additionally there is no compromise on the quality front, 25 of the Universities in France feature in QS World Universities Ranking.

Another benefit of Study in France for Indian students is English taught courses. Students are not required to be proficient in French, and there are equally prestigious English taught courses available in France to choose from. Moreover, some Universities let you Study in France without IELTS.

Apart from the ease of language and affordability, the education experience that France provide as a whole might prove to be extremely enriching for an Indian student. Find out more on Study in France for Indian students here: Top Reasons to Study in France

Campus France India

Campus France India is a platform to Study in France for Indian Students. It operates under the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Higher Education of France. It has all the University information and guidance a student will need to study in France for the higher education.

Moreover, to apply at a University in France, one has to go through Campus France Application Process, which will pass the students’ document to the respective University he or she has applied to. There is also an Interview process and French Visa Assistance for study in France for Indian students.

For more information on Campus France, head to: Campus France: What it is and What it Does

Tuition Fees in France for International Students

Public Universities in France

As it is case for the many countries, the state funded Universities in France are more affordable and has less tuition fees than the private Universities. There are more than 60 state funded Universities in France to opt for, the most notable of them are Paris Sorbonne University and University of Paris Sud.  

These are the average fees international students will have to pay to study in France:

Bachelor’s Programs

2770 EUR / Year

Master’s Programs

3770 EUR / Year

Doctorate Programs

3770 EUR / Year

These are just average numbers for all the Public Universities in France. The actual fees will vary with courses and Universities in France. For a Private Institute, the tuition fees to study in France for Indian students will be as high as 3000 to 20000 Euros a year.

Study in France Requirements

There will be some requirements to study in France for Indian Students. Here are some of the general requirements of the Universities that you need to fulfill, to enrol in a University.

  • Passport or ID card

  • ID/passport sized photos

  • Registration fees (€185 for a Bachelor’s degree, €260 for Masters and €390 for PhD)

  • Resume or CV

  • Application Essay / Personal Interview

  • French and/or English Language Proficiency

  • Monetary Fund proofs to sustain yourself in France

To know more about the Admission process and requirements to study in France, check out: Admission Process: Study in France 2019

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