So are you all ready for your trip? Excited about your trip!!! We know you are super excited about it. But wait are you done with your packing? Moms are over-protected about their children, she used to shower her love in the forms of sweets, sweaters, pickles, etc but you know there is a limitation in the average weight of bags and you just can’t simply miss out on important things. Jeduka presents you with a checklist of all the things which are necessary to carry and important which you should fulfill before going to study abroad in France.

study in France

  • France does have climatic variation just like India. Climate changes from city to city i.e. from Mediterranean beaches to the Alps. Paris may be excessively chilly for you; Nice has much lovely climate conditions. So before that just look into about the city you are going to, take city map along with you and based on the climate of your city decide which type of clothes you should take along with you.
  • Don’t forget to purchase comfortable shoes for yourself.
  • As you know Paris is a city which has low temperature. So in case if you are going to study in Paris do carry an umbrella with you because the a high chance of a storm is there.
  • Verification of documents is to be done so it is necessary to make different copies and give 1 to a family member, one in your handbag and another in your suitcase. It will be easily accessible if you keep it separately and don’t forget to email yourself scanned copies of all your documents so at last, this can come to your rescue.
  • You should carry some amount of money up to 1000 Euros for your 1-month expense. After that, you should start a part-time job and open your account in a nearby bank.
  • Unknown City, Unknown country, Unknown people; you can’t trust anyone in case of money so it is better to use MasterCard/ visa credit card.
  • Everyone loves sales. People can save a lot of money in purchasing things. In France, markets are scheduled on particular days of the week it can be a decent place to get some stuff which you may require during your stay.
  • House arrangements should be done before you leave your country. You just can’t simply go to another country with any housing facilities. Accommodation facilities can be done online before leaving the country.
  • Every student works part-time in parallel with their studies. If you want to work part-time, be ready with your resume so that it will be easy for you to work, or else you can also apply for the job before leaving your country so that you have a job-ready with you as soon as you reach there.
  • Okay so are you familiar with the transportation facility? Check the transportation facilities available in your city like rental cars, shuttles, taxis, public rail, city buses, light rail.
  • Last but very important spend maximum time with your family. As you are moving to another country, it will be very difficult for your near ones and for you to stay away from them.

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