Ireland, in recent times has emerged as one of the most popular study destinations and has drawn a considerable number of international students. Many of the universities have been listed in the world ranking of most popular institutions. One of the greatest advantages that Ireland is having is the medium of education is English which makes it a lot easier for students to settle and learn. The top class education institutes have been making ways to deliver the required skills and techniques to the students to make them employment-ready.

Apart from the medium of education, the chief or key advantage for studying in Ireland is that it is providing a stay back option for two years for the students at post-graduate level. The flexible approach for stay back option for the eligible students that Ireland has taken while other countries are being rigid or a little tight with their visa rules, have helped the country to draw more and more international students every year.

Like many other countries, the citizenship or nationality is one of the primary detrimental factors for staying back for studying or post studies in Ireland.

Stay back and Work permit in Ireland

For EU/EEA students

If you are an EU/EEA/Swiss student, you do not have to apply for anything further in order to stay back in the country. After 3 months of completion of your studies in Ireland, there are a few simple terms or rules and regulations which you must obey. This time you must be searching for jobs in an active way, that is you must not become a burden for the country. Meanwhile your family can also join you and live with you in Ireland.

For non EU/EEA students

If you do not belong to EU or EEA countries, the most important scheme provided by the Irish Government is the Third Level Graduate Scheme Permission.

Let us discuss briefly about the particular scheme.

The Third Level Graduate Scheme Permission

Since 2007, the students who have completed their studies from renowned universities in Ireland have been allowed to stay back in Ireland to search for employment or apply for a green card or residence permit.

Recently there was an extension in this particular scheme by the Irish government for the students who have successfully completed their Masters and PhD degree. Obviously they are standing at an advantageous position. Earlier the permission was for 6 to 12 months but according to the new regulation as extended by the government, students who have graduated from any renowned universities in Ireland can stay back for up to 24 months in search of employment. You are eligible for this particular scheme

  • If you already have a graduate or post graduate degree.
  • You have either enrolled or completed with your PhD
  • If you have been selected for an award by a recognized awarding Irish institute like Irish universities, Dublin Institute of Technology etc.
  • If you are having a valid GNIB card

The essential documents

  • An acknowledgement from the esteem institute you were studying in in form of a letter duly authorized by the Registrar as it carries the confirmation of the completion of your study to a satisfactory level. The letter must confirm all your qualifications achieved till date.
  • A valid passport
  • A GNIB card, i.e., a certificate issued by the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB card)
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