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Germany is one of the major academic hubs for international students from all over the world. It is home to many top-ranked universities, and their globally valued degrees promise high employability and an excellent student experience. Are you thinking about studying abroad in Germany? If Yes, this article is for you. Here we have mentioned some of the Dos and Don'ts for International Students in Germany. 


Do's and Don'ts for International Students in Germany


Dos for International Students for Germany

1. Learn the German language

Students going to Germany from another country to pursue their studies should learn some knowledge of the German language before going there. Even if your course is taught in English, learn some basic words which would help you there in daily life. Below are some basic German phrases you can get started:

  • Hallo – Hello
  • Bitte – Please
  • Danke – Thank You
  • Ja – Yes
  • Nein – No
  • Tschüss – Bye

German is one of the official languages of the European Union and is also used in many other countries all over the world, especially in German companies. Learning German while studying abroad in Germany will increase your post-graduate employability.

2. Research properly for the Courses in Germany

Germany has plenty of courses to offer for international students. Before deciding on your course, check the eligibility criteria, requirements, and whether it matches your academic and career goals. A lot of factors determine the top courses to study in any country like research facilities, future employment opportunities, and most importantly, top-ranked universities in Germany. You should also go through these factors and then choose the course. Check this out: Most Employable Courses in Germany for International Students

 3. Make a Variety of Friends

Studying abroad is a great opportunity to meet and live with people from a different range of backgrounds, so don’t limit yourself and make friends. A large number of international students that enroll in German universities every year, get along with them. Participating in student clubs, athletic teams, and volunteering projects is a unique way to meet international students. Don’t forget to grow friendship with locals either, they are great sources of information and support. 

4. Break out of Your Comfort Zone

Adjusting to an entirely new environment can feel exciting at times. Although it’s easy to stay in and binge-watch your favorite series, your experience will be more fulfilling if you take the leap of faith. Get to know your roommates, join clubs, and sign up for local trips and tours. Once you graduate, you will remember all the fun times you had with new friends and exciting experiences. 

5. Work while studying in Germany

Yes, do not miss the opportunity to work while studying in Germany. The German government gives the right to work in Germany with a student visa, but students are restricted to the number of days they can work. This is 120 full days per year or 240 half days per year. This part-time job would help you to make your studies more affordable in Germany. You will also get to know the job market and can build a network for the future.

Don’ts for International Students for Germany

1. Don't be scared

Living and learning abroad involves a lot of courage and confidence. Sometimes you may feel homesick. But do not worry, if you take the jump and move to Germany, you are following in extremely well-trodden footprints. It is a great opportunity to improve your ability to make decisions on your own or achieve goals by yourself. Both maturity and confidence are qualities you need to carry with the new challenges that you will have to face daily.

2. Don’t forget the Documents

Don’t lose important papers, otherwise, it will put you in difficulty in performing some formalities. All important papers should be kept safely and in one place, preferably locked at all times. When traveling within your new country, keep your travel documents readily accessible.

  • Identity card
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Proof of Enrolment in your Institute
  • Proof of Language Ability (German, English, etc.)
  • Previous Degrees
  • Your Plane Tickets

3. Don’t forget to check for international students scholarships

Even though Germany is an affordable place to study abroad, you should check for the scholarships for which you are eligible. The German government and universities offer numerous scholarships programs to international students. You should not let go of this opportunity. Some of the scholarship programs are DAAD Scholarship Programs, Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarships in Germany, DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme, etc. read more: Scholarships in Germany for international students.

4. Don’t limit yourself to only studies, make time to Travel

When you are not studying hard in the classroom, take some time to explore your new environment. There is so much to see and do beyond your academics, so use the weekends and holidays to uncover the hidden gems and visit popular attractions. You can visit Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Munich’s Kunstareal, Neuschwanstein Castle, Dresden State Theatre, Statues of Goethe etc. 

5. Don’t Breach your student visa conditions 

Being on a student visa in Germany, you have to follow all the rules as per the visa. You cannot do a full-time job. You cannot get a job that requires you to work 240 working days per year. Do not abandon study lessons. Failing to participate in study lessons may lead to the cancellation of your visa and you will have to exit from Germany.

We hope these do's and don'ts for international students in Germany will help you to make your study abroad journey easy. You will find many other international students coming from different countries of the world. Get along with them. Even though they are new in the country. If you face any major issue/problem you can always contact your university and ask for guidance.

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