In terms of receiving the highest number of international students, France ranks third, after the USA and the UK. Indian students are increasingly choosing France as their study destination and France also has been actively taking measures to welcome them to their world-class institutions. In the last three years, the number of Indian students in France has tripled and is expected to keep rising in the years to come. 

Study in France For Indian Students

Benefits of studying in France for Indian students

There are a number of benefits of studying in France for Indian students, because of which there is a high number of students in France from India. Masters in France for Indian students can give many benefits to their career. The advantages of higher studies in France for indian students are mentioned below:

  • Education is Affordable in France compared to other European countries.
  • There are plenty of courses in France for Indian students.
  • The education offered in France is of high quality which is demanded all over the world.
  •  For Indian who don’t know french can also pursue English taught courses in France.
  • Indian students can get the advantage of cultural diversity in their future employment.
  • The doors opened for plenty of job opportunities after studying from France, not only in France but all over the world.

Eligibility Requirements for indian students to pursue Higher Education in France 

For pursuing Bachelor degree -

  • The candidates must have scored a minimum of 50% marks in the senior secondary examination.
  • He/she must not have attained the age of more than 22 years,
  • He/she must have received a bona fide confirmed admission letter from the respective institution of France 
  • A recommendation letter from a professor of the university or institute he/she  has attended

For pursuing a Master's degree -

  • The candidates must have scored a minimum of 55% marks in a bachelor's degree.
  • Must not have attained the age of more than 40 years,
  • He/she must have received a bona fide confirmed admission letter from the concerned university or institute in France
  • A recommendation letter from a professor of the university or institute he/she has attended.

Campus France India

Campus France India is a national agency for the promotion of French Higher Education. It works under Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Higher Education. Its headquarter is in Delhi. Its emphasis is on providing a quality experience to students in every aspect like giving information, helping in online admissions, travel planning, orientation upon arrival in France etc. It also provides details of Universities, courses offered by them, fee structure and all the useful information about universities. Overall campus France gives guidance for higher education in France for Indian students.

Campus France India helps indian students achieve their educational goals in France study, one has to apply through the CEF procedure. A central agency for application collects all the needed documents from the students and passes to specific Universities. It also helps to get a student visa for France from India. For more information on Campus France, click on the link: Campus France: What it is and What it Does

Study in France Requirements

The following documents are needed to be submitted by the Indian students in the universities:

  • Attested copies of mark sheets of Standard X, XII, and the Bachelor’s degree (if applicable)
  • At least two Academic reference letters from professors who have taught you in the last
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • If you have any work experience then 2 LOR (Letters of Recommendation) from the manager/employer
  • Resume
  • Photocopied score reports of language tests proficiency 
  • Others (Certificates/achievements at the state and national level and extracurricular activities)
  • Proof of monetary funds
  • Health insurance
  • A copy of your passport
  • A couple of passport size photographs 
  • There will be a requirement of Masters degree (or equivalent) in a relevant subject to be enrolled as a student of  PhD in France for Indian students.
  • To know more about the Admission process and requirements to study in France from India, you can click here: How to apply at universities in France

Job opportunities in France for Indian students 

Study in France for Indian students is a great opportunity, as there is a number of career options that can be pursued after a number of study courses. France work permit for an Indian is available. The below mentioned are the popular job sector in France for Indian students:

1. Computer Science and Information Technology

Every industry needs professionals from this field of study, and multinational organizations in France are also one of them. Demands for website development, software engineers and IT professionals are all over the world. So, these are the courses that have been increasingly pursued by Indian students in France for building a good career.

2. Engineering

This field of study is very popular among the Indian students, and the number of courses and opportunities available in France attracts many of them to France. 

3. Business and Management

France not only has a local business but also is home to many of the international businesses. There is a number of high paying, fast-growing, rewarding business and management jobs in France which attracts then Indian students. Mba in France for Indian students can give them a life-changing opportunity.

4. Hospitality and Tourism Management

The tourism industry in France makes around 10% of the GDP. It is one of the most demanding and rising industries at the same time. For the hospitality and tourism management candidate, the country has a lot to offer.

Study in France for Indian students cost

Study in France for Indian students is an attractive option for its affordable education costs. In general, the cost of tuition in France are affordable for indian students, and accommodation is also variable. The cost of living in France, for an indian student, will be around 1100€ to 1300€ a month. These expenses do not include tuition fees and other related academic costs. Even the Cost of living in France for Indian students is cheaper than other English speaking countries in the world. Yearly estimation of the living expenses can go up to 16560€. These are the average fees indian students will have to pay to study in France:

 Bachelor’s Programs 

 2770 EUR / Year 

 Master’s Programs

 3770 EUR / Year 

 Doctorate Programs

 3770 EUR / Year 


The above mentioned are just an average cost for all the Public Universities in France. The actual fees will differ with courses and Universities in France. For a Private Institute, the tuition fees to study in France for Indian students can be as high as 3000 to 20000 Euros per year.

Can an Indian study and work simultaneously in France

Yes, Indians can study and work simultaneously in France. Indians are allowed to work only 964 hours per year or it can be said as 20 hours per week. If the course of the student is for 6-month, then they are permitted to work only 472 hours. The national minimum hourly wage is 9.67 Euros per hour in France, so even if you are a part-time worker, you will be paid as per this rate. Your job schedule must not come between your studies and courses. Post-study work visa in France for indian students is also available.

France scholarships for Indian students

There are a number of scholarships to study in France for Indian students who want to study in France. These scholarships vary in scholarship benefits, eligibility, duration, selection procedure and are available for a mixture of different educational courses for students seeking to study in France at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. To apply for these scholarships, the students have to write an essay to convey the reason why they are eligible candidates. To know more about it click: Scholarships in France

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