Engineering is by far the most pursued courses in India. Branches like Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Computers Science, etc. are some of the most preferred courses among Indian students. If you are an aspiring engineering student, or a graduate looking for further study in Engineering, here is a comparison that will help you clear your mind about whether you should study engineering in India or Abroad:


Engineering from Abroad or India?

There are many factors one needs to understand before deciding onto one of the options. The most prominent of them being, what are your reasons to choose abroad and not India? Do you have a budget to study in a University abroad that has the same level of education as top Indian Universities? Are you planning to come back to India? And If so, what are the career opportunities? Let us compare both and find out. 

1. Quality of Engineering Education in India and Abroad:

There are undoubtedly, many of the quality institutions in India that offer a number of courses and lucrative career opportunities. 24 Universities of India feature in Top universities of the world for 2020. Many of them are IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology). They are known for High quality technical education and research facilities of international standards.

However, As many of you already know, the IITs, NIT and other prestigious colleges for Engineering are highly competitive. The seats are limited and the applications are innumerable. Many of the deserving students have to change their preferences of colleges, or even the specialisation they are interested in, to get an admission. That would be no problem with applying at an overseas university, as the options are many. The quality of the education is on par, or even better in many cases. The after studies opportunities are very attractive for International students, too. 

2. Infrastructure

This might not be a deciding factor for many, even though it is very important. The Universities abroad, specially technical universities, are equipped with the research facilities. The engineering colleges abroad believe in practical learning, and real world problem solving, and there for the practical aspects of the engineering degree also gets just as much explored. Whereas, barring the top universities, Indian Universities of Technology and Engineering lack proper labs, equipment and research facilities.

3. Courses:

There is a huge difference between the courses offered, and how they are approached. While the degrees provided by Indian Institute are B.Tech/M.Tech and B.E/M.E, the universities abroad have and additional degree awarded for the fields as Master of Science in a particular field of Engineering, there are also Engineering Management courses that combine the best of both worlds. Also, the subjects related to the specialisation start right in the first semester. In India, there are some common subjects every student has to clear.

4. Costs:

One major factor here are the costs. Unless you opt for the scholarships of tuition free universities like Germany, the cost of studying Engineering abroad is significantly higher compared to India. The Universities in India are not always affordable, however, with other countries, the living costs get added, too. There are travel, food, visa charges, application fees, health insurance and other living expenses associated with studying abroad, which are either entirely omitted or highly affordable in India. You can check out: Cost of Studying Abroad for International Students in 2019-20

5. Lectures and Teachers:

Many of the universities abroad do not ask for the compulsory attendance as Indian Institutes. There are no minimum attendance requirements, and students can opt for the video lectures, too. The Classrooms are more interactive abroad compared to India, though, the quality of the faculty is the same in both scenarios. There are more discussions happening in the classes and students are more involved.

Now that you know how studying Engineering is different for both places, here is how you can start your engineering journey abroad:

Study Engineering Abroad for Indian Students

There is a plethora of choices for the Indian students who are willing to study abroad. The Universities offer a large number of courses and specialisation to choose from. Here are the top destinations to study engineering abroad for the Indian Students:

Best Places to Study Abroad for Engineers

Engineering in India vs USA

The American Universities are some of the most reputed institutions of the world. Universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT and the California Institute of technology are ranked among the top 10 universities in the world. One thing universities in USA are great at, are the research facilities, and the research-oriented approach of the universities. On the other hand, the universities give more importance to grades and after-study opportunities in India. 

German Engineering vs Indian Engineering

Germany is a place where you can actually Study Engineering Abroad for Free. Public universities in Germany apart from one or two universities, are completely tuition-free even for the international students. That is certainly not the case in India. Universities in India that would provide the level of teaching in a German Institute have a very high chance of burning a hole in the pocket of a middle class aspirant. Engineering in Germany is world renowned, and the graduates from the country are universally employable.

Study Engineering Abroad after 12th

For Bachelor’s in engineering, there are as many courses available abroad. The Universities offer B.Tech and Bachelor of Engineering degrees for a number of specialisation. The bachelor’s degrees are usually 4 years. There are also diploma courses for studying engineering after 12th. However, many Indian Students choose to pursue their bachelor’s in Engineering in India and choose international studies for further education. In many cases, that would be cost-friendly, and an easy transformation, but that is not always true. 

How to Study Engineering Abroad

Universities Abroad will have different requirements for the admission in different courses. There is no universal process to study engineering abroad. However, there are some common conditions. The students must have studied Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry in the high school, and for top ranked universities, a phenomenal track record is a must. The other requirements are language Proficiencies. You must have a level of understanding in the language of the course. For other requirements, you can check the particular course pages on the University websites.

Study Abroad Engineering Scholarships

There is a number of scholarships available for the aspiring engineering students willing to study abroad. Most of the ranked universities along with the government and private entities offer scholarships to students. Here are some of the top Engineering Scholarships to study abroad:

  1. DAAD Scholarships
  2. Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship
  3. University of Twente Scholarship
  4. ETH Zurich Excellence Masters Scholarship
  5. Westminster International Scholarships

These are just five of them, you can find all the scholarships available to international students, here: Study Abroad Scholarships for International Students 2019-20

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