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The Westernmost country of Europe is a proud neighbor of Spain, sharing its love for arts, history, culture and most importantly, football. Portugese were some of the first explorers of the world which led to exploration of a large number of countries in Asia, Africa, Australia and America. The county has been one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world as well. But what is it like to Study in Portugal as an international student? Here, we are exploring the options for international students to stay and study in Portugal, as the country is home to some of the most prestigious and highly ranked universities of the world. Case in point: University of Lisbon

Study in Portugal

Universities in Portugal with English Courses:

There are multiple programs and courses available at portugese universities for international students. The most popular courses with international students are General Engineering, Finance, Computer Sciences, and biomedical engineering. The universities accepted and implemented the Bologna Process in 2006, reorganising Portugal’s Universities and polytechnic Institutions as per International standards. Master Degree in Portugal in English are some of the most sought after courses in Portugal. The English-Taught courses are another way to attract more and more international students at universities like University of Lisbon, and the others listed below.

Universities in Portugal

Seven of the Universities in Portugal are listed among the top universities of the world by QS Rankings. Thirteen Universities are ranked among Times Higher University Rankings. Here are top five universities in Portugal as per a number of ranking entities:

  • University of Lisbon
  • University of Porto
  • University of Coimbra
  • Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • University of Aveiro

Here is the list of universities in Portugal: Universities in Portugal

Portugal University Admission

The admission process to study in Portugal is quite simple and not at all complicated for international students. The students will require to fill up the online application form for the course and university they choose to apply. A common requirement to Apply to Study in Portugal would be previous year transcripts and diplomas. An application essay, motivational letter, Entrance exam scores are also required depending on the course. For some courses, you will have to submit a portfolio of your work. It is best to check for the courses and university requirements before you start applying.

Cost of Study in Portugal

Universities in Portugal are considered some of the affordable universities of Europe. As it is the case with most of the countries, the public universities to Study in Portugal are more affordable than private universities for most of the cases. The public universities would cost 1,200 to 1,400 euros a year for a Masters or postgraduate course, while doctorate courses would be around 3,500 to 4,000 euros a year. MBA in Portugal Fees can be anywhere between 13,000 euros to 35,000 euros depending on the course and University. Tuition Fees for the private universities to Study in Portugal vary with the course, university and the location you choose to study at.

Study in Portugal Scholarships

One can study in Portugal with fully funded and partially funded scholarships, even if they are not from Portugal or EU. The international students have plenty of options to choose from scholarships available to study in Portugal. The government, universities and other offering entities provide international students with scholarships in Portugal. The scholarships can be need-based or merit-based depending on the offering entity. Along with education loans and Grants, scholarships are some of the most  preferred ways for international students to fund their study in Portugal.

Study in Portugal without IELTS

IELTS, or the International English Language Testing System is one of the essential English language tests all over the world as the proof of language proficiency. For many, the test is a hurdle to their university admissions. At many universities in Portugal, it is possible to apply without IELTS scores. Yes, you can study in Portugal without IELTS at many universities. Many universities in Portugal do not require IELTS as long as the previous education of the student was completed in English Medium. Keep in mind that for some countries, IELTS or tests like IELTS can not be a requirement by the university, but for the visa application.

Portugal Study Visa

For student visas, students will first have to get an acceptance letter from one of the universities in Portugal. Applying for a Portugese student visa can cost you about 170 euros based on the country of origin. Another important requirement is to show proof of monetary funds, enough to sustain oneself for a year of Study in Portugal, additional to tuition fees. A valid health insurance, language proficiency proof, and confirmed reservation / flight tickets to Portugal are a must.

Study in Portugal after 12th

For the international students who want to start their studies earlier at the graduation level in Portugal, there is a number of courses available to be applied to after 12th. No matter what your academic background is, science, commerce or Arts, there is something for everyone willing to enrol into undergraduate courses in Portugal. The requirements for the Bachelor’s or other undergraduate courses are the same as other courses to study in Portugal after 12th.

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