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Luxembourg is among those few countries in Europe that have endless possibilities for international students in terms of academics and living. It is one of the promising countries for international studies. It also has beautiful sceneries and a rich culture to enjoy. Here is the complete guide to study in Luxembourg.


Why study in Luxembourg

University education in Luxembourg has been popular just a few years back and it has attracted around 55% of international students in just a short period. Here are the main reasons to choose Luxembourg as your study abroad destination.

  • The Degrees obtained from Luxembourg are of high quality with international recognition.
  • International Students get the options to choose from different languages for the medium of instruction. The universities take classes in English, French, German, and even many other foreign languages. 
  • Living in a multicultural environment where different languages and different cultures are present, gives you a unique experience for the lifetime. 
  • The tuition fees in Luxembourg are low compared to many countries in western Europe. 
  • The cost of living is also affordable with very high standards of living.
  • Plenty of Scholarship opportunities are available for international applicants at each level of higher education bachelor, masters, and doctoral.

Universities in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s Universities are a good study option for international students. It is because of the social and cultural environment which is favourable for international students. It also makes learning quite easy. In Luxembourg, there is only one public University, the University of Luxembourg.The top private universities in Luxembourg:

  • The Luxembourg School of Business
  • The Lunex University
  • The Sacred Heart University Luxembourg
  • The BBI School for International Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • The Miami University Dolibois European Center.

Top courses in Luxembourg

The universities in  Luxembourg offer Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs in numerous fields of study. You will easily find your course of study in Luxembourg. Some of the popular courses are: 

  • Study medicine in Luxembourg
  • Study Law in Luxembourg
  • Study Engineering in Luxembourg
  • Study Psychology in Luxembourg
  • Study Economics in Luxembourg
  • Study Humanities in Luxembourg
  • Study ICT  in Luxembourg
  • Study Nursing in Luxembourg

You can even study in Luxembourg in English. There are more than a hundred courses taught in English in Luxembourg. The country also takes it a step further by offering numerous degree programs taught in  German, French, and other international languages.

Requirements to Study abroad in Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s universities ask for some of the documents during the application. Along with the filled application form you need to collect the documents as mentioned on the university’s page for the chosen course. Some of the common documents required are:

  • Transcripts of previous education
  • Language proficiency test scores. Depending on your medium of instruction of your course. (English, French, Germany etc)
  • Other entrance exams depending on the course such as  SAT, GMAT, GRE etc.
  • Statement of Purpose stating the reason to study in a particular university and course.
  • Letter of recommendation (If required)
  • Certificate of work experience(if applicable)
  • C.V/ Resume
  • Portfolio

Tuition Fees in Luxembourg

In general for studying in Luxembourg at public university, the University of Luxembourg, a tuition fee is

  • 400 EUR the first two semesters and
  •  200 EUR from the third semester to the sixth. 

However, other private school fees are more expensive such as

  • In The Sacred Heart University Luxembourg, you have 2 programs: the Welch MBA for 29,000 EUR which you pay in 4 parts, and the Welch MBA with an internship for 39,000 EUR to pay in two parts. 
  • And at Lunex University, you can obtain a degree in Physiotherapy and Sports Science. For this, you need to pay the 550 EUR the registration fee and 600 EUR per month as a tuition fee. 

Cost of Living in Luxembourg

The cost of living in this city is affordable compared to other main cities in Europe. It would be difficult to estimate the exact cots of living in Luxembourg. The cost will depend on your chosen accommodation and lifestyle. Here we have mentioned a few details of the expenses :

  • The first month you could need 1,500 EUR approximately to pay for health insurance, food, registration at University and first rent.
  • Meals at the university canteen are 5 EUR per meal
  • University dormitories can go from 380 EUR to 600 EUR for private accommodation.
  • The expense of the accommodation outside the campus can vary with the location and type you choose. You can find a comfortable place to stay starting from 310 EUR in Luxembourg City. 
  • For travelling expense, you will need around 25 EUR per month.
  • Other entertainment activities can be from 150 EUR.

Study in Luxembourg scholarship

Many financial aids are offered to international students to study in Luxembourg. The government of Luxembourg gives financial support through CEDIES. It gives various bursaries from inscription fees, mobility, social, family and others. The amount granted will vary according to the available revenue, parent’s financial help, and the aid required. Other university provided scholarships are:

  • University of Luxembourg Scholarships
  • Luxembourg School of Business Scholarships
  • European Business University of Luxembourg Scholarships
  • Max Planck Luxembourg PhD. Scholarships
  • Sacred Heart University Scholarships

Student Visa for Luxembourg

After being accepted in the university in Luxembourg, you need to apply for a temporary authorization from the Ministry of Foreign affairs and Immigration. Once you receive it , you should apply for a Visa D. For the whole process you will need the following documents :

  • Proof of admission as a full-time student in one of the higher education institutes in Luxembourg.
  • Receipt of full payment of tuition fees for the course.
  • A valid Passport at least for the six months after the completion of the study program.
  • Completely filled and signed visa application form
  • Evidence of enough financial resources to support yourself during your studies in Luxembourg.
  • The letter of temporary authorization to stay.
  • A health insurance policy for the period you will be staying in Luxembourg for the completion of your course. The minimum coverage of the policy must be 30,000 Euros.
  • You must also express your intention to leave Luxembourg after the completion of your course.

With the help of a visa, you can enter Luxembourg. After entering, you need to

  • Make a declaration of your arrival
  • Undergo a medical checkup
  • Apply for a residence permit

Study and work in Luxembourg

International students studying in universities in Luxembourg have the right to work. They are authorized to work during their studies for 10 hours per week throughout the year and up to 40 hours per week during the school holidays. This would help you to earn during your studies and cover some part of your living expenses.

Work after studying in Luxembourg

Being a small country, Luxembourg fulfils its workforce from international citizens immigrants, about 70%. So it is a good idea to stay there after studying. To stay there you should obtain a work permit. For the application of work permit, you would require a few documents such as : 

  • an employment contract, 
  • an authorization to stay for a salaried occupation
  • Other basic documents. 

You must request this permit before leaving the country and it will last for 1 year and then, it can be renewed for 3 years.

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