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Liechtenstein is one of the world’s smallest nations in the world. It is a hidden gem, located in Central Europe. It is the best place for an international student who wishes to explore that part of the world. Having the lowest unemployment rates in the world, Liechtenstein has plenty of opportunities. If you are an aspiring student to study in Liechtenstein, here is the complete guide for you.

Study in Liechtenstein

Why study in Liechtenstein?

Though a small country of under 40,000 people, the country has 4 standards higher institutions. Liechtenstein is the destination for an international student who is looking for an applied education in one of the richest countries in Europe. Here are some main reasons why one should choose Liechtenstein as their study abroad destination.

  • International students can obtain a high-quality education along with a truly European experience.
  • You will be able to earn a bachelors, masters or doctoral degree in Liechtenstein, which are recognised across the world.
  • Liechtenstein has a high standard of living and some of the best financial institutions in the world.
  • Liechtenstein’s official language is German. But some international Masters programmes are taught in English. So you can study in Liechtenstein in English.
  • The Liechtenstein government institutions and universities offer fully-funded scholarships to international students to encourage and support them in achieving their education ambition.
  • Simple application procedure for admission to the universities of Liechtenstein. 

How to study in Liechtenstein as an international student

Have you made up your mind to study in Liechtenstein and want to know the procedure to act on it? Here is the complete step-by-step process:

  1. Choose the course and university you want to study in Liechtenstein.
  2. Check the eligibility criteria of the particular course. Also, get the knowledge of requirements to get admission. Prepare for the application.
  3. Collect all the documents as required for the application.
  4. Apply along with documents within the deadlines.
  5. You will receive the confirmation of acceptance to the university.
  6. Apply for the study visa for Liechtenstein.
  7. Obtain the visa, Book your tickets and fly to Liechtenstein

List of Universities in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein has 2 main universities and 2 other institutes of learning. The two universities offer different degree programs to international students who wish to study there. The institutions in Liechtenstein are

1. University of Liechtenstein 

The University of Liechtenstein is a small public university. It is located in the town of Vaduz. Currently, it has around 686 students enrolled. It was founded in 2011. It has an enrollment of a high percentage of international students.

2. Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein 

Private University in the Principality of Liechtenstein is a privately owned university. It is located in the suburban setting of the medium town of Triesen. It has an open admission policy. International applicants are welcomed to apply for enrollment. 

The other 2 institutions in Liechtenstein are:

  • Liechtenstein Institute 

It is an academic institution and a scientific research centre. It was established in the year 1986, The Institute does not award degrees or offer primary class lectures. Thus it differs from the large majority of universities. However, the institute does provide presentations, lecture series and debate for topics relevant to Liechtenstein.

  • International Academy for Philosophy

The International Academy for Philosophy(IAP) is a nationally recognized private university in Liechtenstein. The medium of instruction is in the languages ​​of German, English and Spanish. The university accepts applications from international students. During studies, the students have the opportunity to participate in international exchange programs.

Top courses to study in Liechtenstein for international students

Study courses are available at each level of higher education, bachelors, masters, and doctoral. Though there are only some universities in Liechtenstein, yet you will find your preferred course here to study further. Some of the popular courses are:

  • Study Architecture in Liechtenstein
  • Study Business administration in Liechtenstein
  • Study Philosophy in Liechtenstein
  • Study Management in Liechtenstein
  • Study Finance & Banking in Liechtenstein
  • Study Information Technology in Liechtenstein
  • Study Applied Sciences & Professions in Liechtenstein
  • Study medicine in Liechtenstein
  • Study Entrepreneurship in Liechtenstein

Requirements to study in Liechtenstein

To study in Liechtenstein you would require to submit a university application with the supporting documents. Document requirements of the university depend on the course you choose to study. You will also require documents for entering the country. Here is the list of documents you need to collect for studying abroad in Liechtenstein. 

  • All necessary documents related to your previous studies (course list, credits earned and grades)
  • recommendation letters 
  • English certificate (upper-intermediate Level B2 (+))
  • Proof of Enough funds required for the duration of the studying in Liechtenstein.
  • Resume/CV (graduate, postgraduate)
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Student visa
  • Motivation Letter
  • Research proposal outline (for doctoral degree)

Universities of Liechtenstein tuition fees

Tuition fees in Liechtenstein universities will depend on which university you choose and what type of degree you choose. Tuition fees in Liechtenstein differ between the different universities. You can expect to pay about 750 CHF per semester. Generally, international students should not pay more than 1300 CHF per month. 

Cost of living in Liechtenstein

The living cost in Liechtenstein is reasonable and comparable to other European countries. On average you can expect the expenses of around CHF 1,500 per month. This includes expenses of accommodation, groceries and travel. Additionally, students also need to consider the expense of health insurance. It may cost you around  CHF 67 per month to cover the basic healthcare costs.

Student Visa for Liechtenstein

To get entry permission in Liechtenstein, international students would need to obtain a student visa. If you are from a European Union country, you do not need any visa, but you will have to obtain a residency permit. If you are from any other country, you will have to get a visa. For applying for a visa you will need some of the documents such as :

  • A letter of acceptance in the recognized educational institution in Liechtenstein.
  • Present a valid passport to the Immigration officer at the port of entry.
  • You must demonstrate an intention to return to your own country at the end of their period of study.
  • Documents related to your education.
  • You must show evidence of sufficient funds to cover your living expenses in Liechtenstein.
  • It must be shown that the course fees have been paid in full.
  • Proof of Medical insurance 

We hope that this information on the study in Liechtenstein was helpful. So start exploring and start your application process to get admission to Liechtenstein university for studies as soon as possible.

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