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Are you planning to migrate to Greece for your higher education? The people of Greece have a warm welcoming nature. This would help you to get adjusted in the new surroundings. Majority of the people in Greece speak English fluently. Studying in Greek will be a great decision for international students. Here we have presented complete information on Study in Greece.

Reasons to study abroad in Greece

Greece is the ultimate place to live in. You will find the wonders of the world in your surroundings there. This will be the witness of its rich history. Here are the few reasons to choose Greece as your study abroad destination:

  • Greece is famous for its scholars, mathematicians and philosophers. The system of education in Greece reflects its quality as one of the best in the whole world.
  • Greece has some of the world’s best universities.  Six Greek Universities are ranked in the QS world university rankings.
  • Greece is one of the affordable countries to study in Europe for international students alike. On average, you would need around 450-700 EUR per month for all expenditures, which is reasonable, compared to other European nations.
  • Many Greek universities offer various English-taught study programs in all the study fields. So you can study in Greece in English, without learning a new language.
  • You can find scholarships as well for students from other countries. This will make your studies in Greece more affordable.

Education System in Greece

The education system is much systematic as it is in the rest of Europe. Primary as well as secondary education takes 12 years to complete and is compulsory to the age of 15 years old. Post-secondary education is grouped as follows : 

  • Non-university level.
  • The university-level first stage.
  • University-level second stage.
  • University level third stage.

How to study in Greece as an international student

Have you made up your mind to study in Greece and want to know the procedure to act on it? Here we have mentioned the complete process:

  1. Choose the course and university you want to study in Greece.
  2. Check the eligibility criteria and requirements. Prepare for the application.
  3. Most study programs in Greece are offered either in Greek or English languages. Prepare for the proficiency exams of the language you choose and appear for the test.
  4. Collect all the paperwork required for the application.
  5. Apply along with documents within the deadlines.
  6. You will receive the confirmation of acceptance in the university.
  7. Apply for the study visa for Greece.
  8. Book your tickets and fly to Greece.

Best courses to study in Greece

As an international student, you can find plenty of course options in Greece. The most popular courses are:

  • Study Environmental Studies, Urbanism, & Sustainability in Greece
  • Study Contemporary Studies in Greece
  • Study Archaeology & Ancient History in Greece
  • Study Philosophy & Religion in Greece
  • Study Classical & Modern Languages & Literature in Greece
  • Study Art History & Architecture in Greece
  • Study Information Technology in Greece
  • Study banking and finance in Greece
  • Study psychology in Greece
  • Study accounting in Greece

Universities in Greece

Greece has both, public and private universities. The American College of Thessaloniki and the American College of Greece are Private universities in Greece. No matter which university you choose, you will still obtain a high-class education. 

QS world university ranking has listed 9 universities from Greece in the top universities in the world. They are as mentioned below: 


QS world university

National Technical University of Athens


Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


National and Kapodistrian University of Athens


University of Patras


Athens University of Economics and Business


University of Crete 



Greece university admission

To get admission in the university in Greece, international students need to fill the application form Online. Along with this duly filled application form, they need to submit some necessary documents. Different universities have different document requirement criteria. The common requirements are: 

  • Filled Application form.
  • Transcript of records with your GPA.
  • Copy of the graduation certificate with an official translation in Greek.
  • Photocopy of passport or ID card.
  • Proof of language skills (English, Greek).
  • Latest Photographs.
  • Application fee. (50 EUR)
  • Academic records.
  • Statement of purpose.
  • Two recommendation letters (if you are working, one must be from the current manager)

Student visa for Greece

After getting acceptance from the university, your next step is to apply for the student visa. To enter Greece you should apply for a study visa and get approval for the same. For applying you will need the following documents :

  • Filled University Application form.
  • Recent photographs of passport-size in colour with white Background.
  • A valid passport. It should be valid for at least 3 months after the decided date of departure. 
  • A Covering Letter explaining the reason for the going and duration of stay in Greece.
  • Original No-Objection Letter from the Institute.
  • Admission Letter from the College or Institute or University.
  • Proof of Scholarship, if not than a proof of sufficient funds to cover living expenses and cost of study.
  • Receipt of payment of Enrollment fee.
  • Academic Certificates.
  • Proof of sufficient funds for the study and stay in Greece.
  • Overseas medical insurance,
  • Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Medical Certificate from the Government Hospitals. 

Study in Greece tuition fees

Students coming from EU countries are not required to pay any tuition fees for Bachelor programs. But most of the Master programs require students to pay tuition fees. Students coming from non-EU nations can expect around 1500 - 9,000 EUR per year to pay tuition fee for all study programs.

Cost of living in Greece

The average cost of living in Greece can be around 12000 euros per year. This includes accommodation, food, utility bills, books and entertainment. You can also look for scholarships to cover the cost of studying in Greece.

Study in Greece scholarship

If you face difficulty in the arrangements of funds for studying at university in Greece, you can apply for scholarships. Here we have listed a few scholarships to study in Greece :

  • Fulbright Greece Awards Program
  • Graduate Student Research Grants
  • Greece-Turkey Fulbright Joint Research Award
  • Bulgaria-Greece Fulbright Joint Research Award
  • Aristotle University Scholarships
  • ACT Scholarships
  • Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF) Program
  • Eugenides Foundation Scholarships
  • Bodossaki Foundation Scholarships

You can also explore the scholarships opportunities in your home country. You can make a way to study in Greece for free with the help of scholarships.

Student Life in Greece

Greece offers a great Student life and Culture to the students coming from other countries to study. The main student cities in Greece are Athens and Thessaloniki. These cities have more universities in the country. These offer an intense cultural and academic profile to the international Students. 

Besides education, Greece has a good climate following the numerous monuments. These Climate and Travel Destinations make Greece a fantastic place to study and live in. Having metropolitan centres across the country it attracts people of all nationalities that are fully adapted to Greek Society. The country is also known as one of the safest nations in the world.

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