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The higher education system of Estonia is valued worldwide. It is safe for international students to study in Estonia. It is a leader in the fields of digital and internet technologies. This e- country has attracted many overseas students through its innovative spirit. Here is the complete guide to study in Estonia

Why study abroad in Estonia 

Here are the top reasons to choose Estonia in Europe as your study abroad destination.

  • Estonia has a long history of providing top-quality education. The first Estonian university established was in the year 1632, thus gaining the position of one of the oldest universities in Northern Europe.
  • Estonia is a country full of innovation and technology. This is a golden opportunity for the international to learn from such an environment.
  • Universities in Estonia offer more than 130 study programs in the English language. These are all internationally recognised degrees. So you can study in Estonia in English without learning any new language.
  • The colleges and universities in Estonia provide successful and efficient support services for overseas students studying in their country.
  • Estonian academic institutions have facilitated programmes and structural changes following the Bologna Process of Europe which is accepted all over the world. 
  • The Studying cost in Estonia is relatively affordable when compared with America, UK, Australia. or Canada.

Top 10 universities in Estonia

Estonia has 12 public institutions of higher education and 8 private institutions of higher education. You can choose any one of them which suits you better. 3 universities in Estonia are ranked best in the world by QS world university ranking. Here we have made a list of top universities in Estonia. 

  1. University of Tartu     
  2. Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) 
  3. Tallinn University 
  4. Nord University
  5. Estonian University of Life Sciences
  6. TTK University of Applied Sciences
  7. Estonian Business School
  8. Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
  9. Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
  10. Estonian Academy of Arts

Best courses to study in Estonia

You will find plenty of study courses at each level of higher education, Bachelors, Masters and PhD. Here are the popular courses to study in Estonia for Indian students and other international students 

  • Study Computer Science degrees in Estonia.
  • Study Engineering degrees in Estonia.
  • Study Social Science degrees in Estonia.
  • Study Design degrees in Estonia.
  • Study Business degrees in Estonia.
  • Study medicine in Estonia
  • Study finance in Estonia.
  • Study information technology in Estonia.
  • Study international relations in Estonia.
  • Study environment in Estonia

Applying to study in Estonia 

After you choose the university and course, you have to explore the website of the particular university for the admission requirements. You should start assembling the necessary application documents. Particularly you will need the following documents:

  • A filled-in application form for your chosen programme 
  • You need to prove that you have completed the previous level of study. It means secondary education if you apply for an undergraduate course, or a bachelor’s degree if you apply for a master’s program).
  • If you are applying to study in an English-taught program, you will need to show proof of English language proficiency. ( PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, C1 Advanced,)
  • A passport-sized photo
  • A copy of your passport
  • A written essay
  • present a portfolio of work.

You may also be asked to attend a university interview. If you clear your interview with all these documents, you will get an offer letter from the university. This means you are offered a seat in the university in Estonia.

Tuition Fees in Estonia

Universities in Estonia have no fixed tuition fees. The tuition fee varies with the chosen program and institution. Usually, tuition fees can be expected between €1,000-7,500 per annum. Medical degrees are costlier, which can be around €11,000 per year. Degrees in law, social sciences and business administration are usually higher.

Cost of living in Estonia

Living costs in Estonia are cheap, considering that 400 – 800 EUR Per month will be what you need to budget, including accommodation in a dorm. If you are looking at renting your apartment, this is available from 200 – 500 EUR per month. You can usually enjoy a comfortable life with around €300 per month for food. 

Study in Estonia scholarship

You can try to study in Estonia for free with the help of scholarships. There are a plethora of government and university-provided scholarships in Estonia for overseas students. Here we have listed a few:

  • Excellent Scholarships At Tallinn University in Estonia 2021
  • University of Tartu Estonia University Scholarships
  • Kristjan Jaak Scholarships
  • Government Scholarships for International Researchers and Academic Staff
  • Government Scholarships for Short courses
  • Smart Specialization Scholarship
  • Dora Plus Program
  • Estophilus Scholarship
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) scholarships
  • Estonia university scholarships

Visas to study in Estonia 

Students coming from the countries of the European Union does not require to obtain any visa to enter Estonia. But they need to get the approval of the temporary right of residence in Estonia after entering the country. 

International students coming from non-EU countries should apply for a temporary residence permit for studying (TRP) which is the same we know as a student visa. To obtain this document, you can contact your Estonian Embassy near you. Find out the specific requirements according to your home country. Common documents required for the TRP are:

  1. Filled the application form 
  2. Sufficient funding or income
  3. A valid health insurance contract
  4. Enrollment/Invitation letter from the chosen university
  5. Academic records
  6. Entrance test scores
  7. Proof of your identity
  8. 1 colour photo with measures 40x50 mm.
  9. An insurance contract.

The temporary residence permit is valid only for 1 year, it should be renewed every year, at least 2 months before it expires. You will get complete details on the website of Estonian Police and Border Guard Board.

Work and study in Estonia

As an international student in Estonia, you can work without the requirements of any additional work permit.  If you are studying in Estonia with a valid temporary residence permit, then you automatically get the right to work. Working in Estonia being an international student is allowed without any hourly or weekly limitation provided that it does not affect your academic performance.

Post-Graduate Opportunities in Estonia

There are plenty of job opportunities in Estonia for international students. Students from the EU region do not need any work permit. students from Non-EU region should apply and obtain a work permit. It is usually issued for 2 years but can be renewed for up to 5 years.

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