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Each year more than 5000 international students migrate to Azerbaijan for their higher education. This makes it a multicultural country. Azerbaijan has a strong education system. It is also affordable compared to many other nations. If you are an aspiring student to study in Azerbaijan, here is the complete guide. 

Why study in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the modern European countries. Presently, there are more than 100,000 undergraduate and graduate students studying at a higher education institution in Azerbaijan. The main reasons for such a large number of enrollment are mentioned here:

  • By studying in Azerbaijan you will get a chance to learn 3 languages including Azerbaijan, Russian and English.
  • Education in Azerbaijan is an affordable way of getting higher education without compromising on academic excellence. Both tuition fee and living expenses are considerably lower than most of the other popular study destinations.
  • Azerbaijan is a modern and safest nation in the world. 
  • Universities in Azerbaijan offer a globally recognized degree. Thus obtaining this degree will give an exposure to your better career.
  • Azeri Universities have an Easy entry barrier. The requirements to get into these universities are simple with just simple paperwork. 

How to study in Azerbaijan

The procedure of studying in Azerbaijan is fairly simple and straightforward. You just need to follow a stepwise process. Here are the steps you should follow to make your dream of studying in Azerbaijan true:

  1. Select your university and course from the various options in Azerbaijan.
  2. Check the eligibility criteria and requirements for that particular course.
  3. Collect all the documents needed for the application, as demanded by the university for the particular course. Such as transcripts, C.V, Portfolio, letter of recommendation etc.
  4. Fill the application form for admission. Submit all the paperwork along with the form and wait for the decision from the university.
  5. If the institute accepts your application, they will issue an offer letter.
  6. Once you receive your acceptance letter, apply for the study visa for Azerbaijan.
  7. After obtaining your visa, move to Azerbaijan and continue your further studies.

Universities in Azerbaijan

There are around 51 universities in Azerbaijan. The government universities include 36 and private universities include 15. The more popular universities are:

  1. Baku State University
  2. Azerbaijan State Oil Academy (ASOA)
  3. Qafqaz University
  4. Khazar University
  5. Azerbaijan Technical University
  6. Mirza Fath Ali Akhundzade Pedagogical Institute for Languages
  7. Azerbaijan Medical University
  8. Uzeyir Hajibayov Baku Academy of Music
  9. Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Intakes in Azerbaijan

The Intakes simply means that the classes at the higher education institutions will start at that particular time of the year. The intakes in Azerbaijan are as follows:

Study Program


Bachelor’s degree:

September (Duration: 4 years)

Master’s degree:

September and February (Duration: 2 years)


September and February (Duration: 2 years)

Language courses

All year (Language course options: English, Russian, Azerbaijani, German)


Top courses to study in Azerbaijan for international students

You can find a wide range of courses in the universities in Azerbaijan. Each study stream, Commerce, science or arts, has various courses for international students. Some of the popular courses are:

  • Study Economics in Azerbaijan
  • Study Engineering in Azerbaijan
  • study MBBS in Azerbaijan
  • Study Architecture in Azerbaijan
  • Study Information Technology in Azerbaijan
  • Study Finance in Azerbaijan
  • Study Business Administration and Management in Azerbaijan
  • Study Computer Engineering  in Azerbaijan
  • Study Tourism and Hotel Management in Azerbaijan
  • Study Accounting and Audit in Azerbaijan

Requirements to Study in Azerbaijan

To get admission to the universities in Azerbaijan, international students need to submit some of the documents. Each university has different requirements according to the course you select. However, some of the common requirements are:

  • Completed Application form 
  • English language requirement such as IELTS, TOEFL etc
  • Certificates and diplomas of all your previous degree(s).
  • Transcripts of completed study programs including grades of each semester.
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A copy of the page in your passport with your data and photographs
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Portfolio(if required)
  • Work experience certificate(if any)

Tuition Fees in Azerbaijan

Tuition fees in the universities in Azerbaijan can be up to 6,500AZN ($3800) per annum for bachelor degrees. This is significantly lower than in many other nations. Postgraduate degrees, generally cost no more than about 6800AZN ($4000) per year. 

Cost of living in Azerbaijan

The cost of living in Azerbaijan is high compared to many Russian cities as well as many regions in its Middle Eastern neighbours. But the cost of living is still lower than in many other countries like Italy and Israel. The average cost of living in Azerbaijan should be around 745 AZN ($440) excluding rent. Rent is usually counted as a separate cost.

Study in Azerbaijan Scholarship

Azerbaijan offers plenty of scholarships to international students. Full Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan Non-Aligned Movement Scholarship is the main scheme for the international student offered by the government of Azerbaijan. Universities in Azerbaijan also do not stay back in providing financial help to international students. 

For example, ADA University in Azerbaijan offers a Fully Funded International Undergraduate and Graduate Fellowship.

Student visa for Azerbaijan

The visa process for Azerbaijan is relatively standard and uncomplicated which reflects the welcoming culture of the country. Students are issued with a temporary residency permit along with their study visa. This permit is valid for the duration of your study program.
You can apply for a student visa at your nearest Azeri embassy, consulate or visa centre. You will need to provide some of the supporting documents such as : 

  • Completed visa application form
  • Two passport photos
  • Your passport 
  • A photocopy of the identification document pages
  • Medical certificate (showing that you are fit and healthy) 
  • Health insurance (For the period of your stay in Azerbaijan)
  • A notarized tenancy agreement.
  • A copy of your ID of the landlord proving them to be a citizen of Azerbaijan.

Assembling all these documents isn’t as hard as it sounds. Your University will help you to find a place for rent and to get the Azerbaijani-language paperwork together. If you are looking for a country where you can get quality and affordable education, Azerbaijan is a good idea.

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