Student visa For Malaysia

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If you are planning to study abroad in Malaysia, you will need to obtain a student visa, also known as a student pass, to get entry into the country. Unlike the USA or UK whose visa application procedure feels like a burden, entering Malaysia is pretty simple. Here is the complete information on a Student visa for Malaysia.

Student Visa For Malaysia

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  • Introduction
  • Where can I apply for a student visa for Malaysia?
  • How to get a student visa for Malaysia
  • What are the requirements for a student visa for Malaysia?
  • Malaysian Student Visa and Pass Fees
  • Malaysian Student Visa processing time
  • What to do if your Malaysian visa is rejected
  • Can I Work in Malaysia with a Student Visa?

Student visa for Malaysia 

Applying for a Malaysian student visa is simple and straightforward. Your chosen university will complete most of the procedure for you. The whole process only takes a few weeks to complete. Your student pass is valid only for 1 year and must be renewed before one and a half months from its expiry date.

Where can I apply for a student visa for Malaysia?

As per the institution type, you can apply for a visa in two ways:

  1. You can apply for a Study Visa in Malaysia Online. Here is the link where you can submit the application directly. International students who have received offer letters from Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia can opt for this method.
  2. You can apply for a Study Visa in Malaysia through Institution. You need to send the required documents  to the institution, they will start the process to get the Visa Approval Letter (VAL) for you

How to get a student visa for Malaysia

The Malaysian government has made the student visa application process easy. International students do not need to contact their local Embassy of Malaysia. They can take the help of the institution or apply directly. Here is the procedure for the study visa:

  1. Secure a seat at a university in Malaysia: Obtain a formal admissions letter from the Malaysian higher education institution and pay the enrollment fees.
  2. The institution will begin the process of student pass application: Your university in Malaysia will contact the Malaysian immigration authorities to submit your application on your behalf. They will ask you to recheck the details filled and sign the official application form digitally.
  3. Assemble the required documents: You will need to send some documents to your university so that they can complete your application. A full list document is mentioned in the section below.
  4. Pay visa processing fee: You will have to pay the fee for the visa application. 
  5. Wait for the confirmation of acceptance: The immigration authorities will normally inform the institution about the confirmation of your application within a week.
  6. Receive a letter of approval: A visa approval letter (VAL) will be released by the Malaysian Immigration Department and delivered to the institution Your university will forward it to you.
  7. Inform the university of your travel plans: Before entering Malaysia, Share the details of your arrival dates, airport location, and flight numbers to the university.  A representative from the university will greet you at the Malaysian airport.
  8. Wait for your Student Pass sticker: Your university will send your passport to the immigration department within two weeks of your arrival. When it returns, a student pass sticker will be affixed to it.

Once students have completed all the steps, they are now officially enrolled and ready to study at the chosen Malaysian institution.

What are the requirements for a student visa for Malaysia?

The Malaysian immigration authorities will ask for some of the supporting documents as part of the visa application process. Therefore, it is important to send the required documents to your host institution as soon as your admission is confirmed. Here is the list of documents you will require for the whole visa process:

  • Formal admissions letter from your university
  • Filled Student visa application form and signed by the student
  • Two passport-size photo
  • Two photocopies of your Passport
  • Proof of sufficient financial resources
  • Evidence of enrollment in the full-time study program approved by the Minister of Home Affairs
  • Previous Academic transcripts and certificates
  • A medical certificate from the registered doctor.
  • A personal bond document. It is a letter signed by your institution to guarantee you will follow the immigration rules
  • English language proficiency test certificates such as PTE, IELTS, TOEFL, CAE, CPE, MUET

Malaysian Student Visa and Pass Fees

For the processing of the visa, you need to pay some money. The expected visa fees for Malaysia do not exceed more than 119 MYR( $29.41). 

  • Yearly fees for a Student Pass Malaysia are MYR 73 ($ 18)
  • visa fees may be anything from MYR 18 – 109 ($ 4.50- $ 27), depending on your country of origin.
  • A personal bond fee to the university.

Malaysia Student Visa processing time

Overall, the entire process from applying for a Malaysian Student Visa Approval Letter (VAL) to receiving your Student Pass takes 4 to 6 weeks.

The processing time for Visa Approval Letter is 14 days. The Malaysian entry visa processing time is from 1 to 3 weeks

What to do if your Malaysian visa is rejected

Around 90% of Malaysian student visa applications are accepted. This makes Malaysia one of the highest approval rates country in the World. Very few visa applications of students are rejected. The common reasons for rejection are:

  • Insufficient funds
  • Missing information
  • Criminal history
  • Documents in the regional language
  • Incorrect documents
  • Dissatisfying academic documents
  • Inconsistent program selection
  • Bad language or communication skills
  • Invalid Letter of Recommendation

If your visa application gets rejected, you can contact the immigration authorities and request a letter outlining the reasons for rejection. You can write the appeal against the decision within 30 days. But there is no assured acceptance.

Can I Work in Malaysia with a Student Visa?

Yes, you can work in Malaysia with a student visa but only during the university holidays. Malaysian International student employment rules are strict. The Malaysia student visa working hours is a maximum of 20 hours each week during academic vacation. You are not allowed to work at any point during ongoing semesters.

The type of jobs an international student can take on is also limited. Although they can find work in a restaurant, petrol garage, mini market, or hotel. You won’t be permitted to work as a cashier, musician, or any other position believed to be immoral in Malaysia.

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