Oct 28, 2015

How to prepare for GATE in 3 months?

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How to prepare for GATE in 3 months?

1. start from previous years paper 

buy a book with previous 20-30 years solved papers. solve and understand each of them accurately which are closely related to the particular questions from standard books remember you have to understand while solving the questions or it will not be helpful for examination 

2.solve more questions from standard books

after solving this papers you will have good idea about what kind of questions they ask in the exam and from which topic they ask frequently. then note down all the topics and solve some more questions from standard books or you can refer some good mcq related books to this topics.
remember do not waste time on hard topics cause now every single minute will be count you have a limit of 3 months for gate 2016 preparation.

3. now solve some mock tests.

arrange some mock test papers from market or from friends and solve them effectively. certainly you will not be able to answer every question and that is how you will know in which area you are weak, then you should go through all this questions one by one. if you can’t solve the questions by yourself use standard books or internet to solve them. study enough that if any question related to them came in the examination you would be able to answer them. remember one thing try to understand the basic of the topic do not go in depth cause you only have 3 months to prepare for the exams. if you don’t understand the topic just mark it and live it for later if you have time after all subjects then respond to this kind of questions 

4. repeat the same keep solving as many papers as you can!

it will increase your level of understanding the questions that will be asked in gate examination and this will also give you an idea how to handle such kind of questions in gate 2016.if possible join online test series of any reputed coaching institute. it will be better if you can join to a multiple institute test series so you can be able to face different kind of questions from different institutes. you will face different questions for the same subject designed by different institute masters it will help you in real time gate 2016 cause nowadays gate exam has become online computer based test (cbt).

5. keep revising

last but very important keep revising these all things time to time and always prepare a plan or timetable which contain timely revision. make time table for whole day, for a week, for a month and for next 3 months stick to the time table must include time for revising in each time table.

for more preparation tips on gate exam, stay connected to jeduka.

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