Jun 6, 2016

Choose a right career option

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Choose a right career option

exams are over!! admission season has started. students wait for the results anxiously as this might be the situation of do and die for them as their career is at stake. students are excited and nervous both at the same time, because the results will decide the future and shape their career ahead.

as this is a most important decision of life, a well sound decision is important taking all the points into consideration and weighing all the possible options and making a wise decision. unfortunately, majority students make wrong and biased decision because of inadequate information.

in a recent research, it was found that around 80% of students choose career from these 7 traditional options-, civil services, computer application engineering, medicine, management, chartered accountancy and law. this clearly shows lack of awareness among students. today, with gen y, there are thousands of courses where students can combine their passion with their profession.

another emerging issue is that students usually tend to choose career based on their interest, not on passion as they tend to confuse their passion with interest and in many cases, they can interest as the sole decision maker while choosing a career. what they do not understand that interest is an important factor, but not the sole factor and there is lot other things that influences career decisions. while getting a good percentage in exams, certainly allows students to be a part of cutthroat competition in the world, but everybody doesn’t make it .for the rest, they need to choose the best from the possible options. if a students has not achieved the desired percentage in 12th board exams, still a students can do a lot with the possible options. this is the time where right guidance can be a game changer. students can plan in advance about the alternative options or backup plans.

another issue that they faced in career decision making process is, the pressures that comes with the cost. often, the brand value of the institution takes precedence over the child’s dream. student’s parents, relatives, friends tend to influence decision even if that means compromising on the students interest, choice of the students who has to study courses in the future years.

with everyone throwing their experience, opinions, and preferences, students tend to get confused and their mind running in a hundred different directions. but with the changing environment, now there is more openness, parents giving more freedom to their children when it comes to choosing their careers. these days, students are venturing into more unconventional, but promising careers, flavour chemistry, film making, wedding planning,   ethical hacking, sports management fashion technology, wildlife photography.
with these days, growing of technology and internet becoming our part of day to day lives, careers like digital marketing, content writing, social media management, user experience design, graphic design and app development are on grow .along with these, there are other careers on the verge of growth like spa management, vacation design, fashion styling, image consulting and gastronomic experience design, sommelier, wine tasting etc.

today, making a good career choice lies in keeping align with the time and understanding that a students should play by his/her strengths. what we are preparing today might not be useful in future. so adapting, learning new skills are the key skills to succeed in future.


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  • Ability to navigate a work environment
  • Ability to analyze information

Step 3: Prepare the following documents for upload:

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