Oct 30, 2015

Do's & Don't Do's During Group discussion

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Do's & Don't Do's During Group discussion

we all are aware that the role a group discussion plays to an important role to get admission into a good ranking university or a business school. candidates skills and personality traits are evaluated by the group discussion.

candidates should know how to deal with a gd topic, using correct etiquettes and preparing well for the gd is important. in spite of all this too we do commit some mistakes. these mistakes are very important in the corporate life, but might seem insignificant to us. example: how to treat others , how we speak seems natural to us, but can be interpreted arrogant by the panellists.  . personal efforts should be made to rectify this; no training can help you to do so.

do’s during group discussion:

  • listen to the subject very clearly
  • you can put done your thoughts on a paper
  • if you know the subject well, initiate the topic first
  • support your topic with some facts and figures
  • speak politely and pleasantly with the group members.
  • address the group members by “friends”
  • recognize the contribution of every member
  • respect the group members (and show it with a smile!)
  • acknowledge and agree for whatever you find interesting
  • be firm but gracious
  • as it is a discussion disagree politely
  • before you say do a mental revision of what you are going to say.
  • think for the best answer or contribution for the topic
  • stick to the topic of
  • follow gd etiquettes, when speaking
  • if the group has not reached to a conclusion, summarize the discusssion

don’t do’s during group discussion:

  • lose your temper. it’s not an argument, it’s gd
  • shouting or arguing during the gd
  • pose negative gestures
  • distracting the discussion
  • outburst of emotions or anger
  • use a medium pitch and a moderate tone
  • limit your body gestures
  • dominate the discussion.
  • grab attention
  • nervousness
  • wait for the speaker to finish before you speak

remember that the judges are observing and watching you. so the above important points should be followed and remembered in a gd – group discussion.

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