Do's and don'ts before and on the PTE test day

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The PTE exam is at your door! Are you prepared to attempt it? Are you ready to apply all your well-planned strategies on the test day? Are you feeling nervous or underconfident whether your preparation for the test will be successful or not?

We will tell you about the do’s and don’ts you should follow before and on the PTE test day. These do’s and don’ts will get you on the right track to get a high score in the PTE.

The do’s before and on the PTE test day

  • Follow the routine of studying

You should make a proper study schedule. Follow the daily routine of studying until the test day arrives. This will help your mind and body to focus on the test day. This will help you gain confidence on the test day.

  • Be on time

You should reach the test centre on time. Reach the exam centre before half an hour of the scheduled test time. Bring a valid ID proof along with you.

  • Do stay optimistic

Stay calm and respond quickly but through the proper method, without rushing or jumping directly into conclusions. Here are some tips and strategies you can follow to improve your score: How to improve PTE academic score? Tips and Strategies

  • Write down the notes

No matter how sharp your memory is still, you will not be able to remember everything said in the audio. You will be given an erasable note board booklet in the exam. So use it to take any notes for any question type.

  • Proofread your final answers

Make sure your responses are error-free. Double-check your answers with their spellings, grammar, and punctuations. Below are some of the errors that most PTE takers make when they proofread their answers. Don’t commit these mistakes.

  1. Forgetting to capitalize the first letter of a sentence.
  2. Failing to check for subject-verb agreement.
  3. Failing to capitalize the proper nouns.
  4. No proper punctuations
  • Do check the headphones

If you face any problem with the headphones in the exam hall, let the member of the staff know before the test begins so that it may be solved as soon as possible. As the test time will not be paused due to these reasons. Here is a guide for the Listening section, in which we have included tips and tricks: Listening section of the PTE

  • Take sufficient mock tests

You should take enough mock tests or practise tests before you sit for PTE, you will be much more comfortable with the pattern and question types on the day of the test. 

If you have any doubt or any question in mind, you can find our answers here: Frequently Asked Questions of PTE

The don’ts before and on the PTE test day

  • Don’t switch your choice in every paragraph

If you have written that Mobile is better in comparison to “computers” do not write that computers are better in the second paragraph. This way you are creating confusion and ambiguity in your essay type question. So you should pick only one and follow it in the whole passage with switching. Don’t contradict your own statement.

  • Don’t Lose the track of the recording

The speakers in the audio materials usually talk fast, so put all your focus there. Don’t let your mind distract. If you lose track of the recording, and you will put your test performance in the risk which ultimately decreases your PTE score.

  • Don’t Ignore frequency words

Frequency words such as “always, often, sometimes,” etc can help you narrow down your answer choices in the Multiple Choice, Single Answer portion of the listening exams. Unless a frequency word is mentioned clearly in the recording, ignore the options that have terms of frequency. Here is a list for you to know what are the mistakes you can do and how to avoid them: 10 Common PTE Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • Don't be Overconfident

Don’t live in the impression that PTE is a very easy exam and you can give it a random try without proper preparation. Everyday practice of Basic English will help you get through the exam well. Put all your efforts in the PTE preparation, as failure can lead you to a stressful situation and can delay your future plans.

  • Don’t write full spelling while taking notes

While taking notes by listening to the audio, don’t write full spellings and get distracted with the recording. You can fix the spellings later when the recording is over.

  • Don’t carry any personal items 

Don’t bring any personal items such as mobile, watch etc as these are not allowed to take inside the exam hall. If you still want to carry these, you can give them to one of the staff members to keep it in a safe place and collect all your belongings once you are out of the exam hall after completing the test.

We hope this helps you out. Remember all the points of DO’S and DON’TS and crack the PTE exam with a good score so that you can achieve admission in the international institutions.

 All the best!!!!