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PTE or the Pearson Test of English is one of the most taken English language tests worldwide. It helps students getting into universities abroad, or for immigration purposes in English speaking countries. Here, we are talking about Exam fees for the PTE. If you want to know more about the exam itself, here are some useful links:

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PTE Exam Fees:

The fees for the PTE exam will vary with the country you are in. The fees for PTE can range anywhere between US$185 to US$275 depending on the location. Here are PTE Fees for some of the top countries in the world:


340 AUD


300 CAD


275 USD


255 USD


 231.34 USD 


13300 INR


230 EUR

 New Zealand 

385 NZD


155 GBP


200 USD

So you need to pay for the PTE exam according to your country fee. do not let your money go in Vain, so do not do any kind of mistakes. here we have mentioned some repeated mistakes usually done by PTE test takers: 10 Common PTE Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Rescheduling the PTE Exam:

The rescheduling of the PTE exam, there are some conditions one will have to follow. One can reschedule their test date at least 14 days before their actual scheduled date. After that, if one wants to change the test dates within 7 to 14 days before the test date, he or she will have to pay 25% of the tuition fees additionally. Within 7 days of the test date, one will have to pay the full amount of the test for rescheduling. There is also an option of cancelling the exam if a candidate is unable to appear for the exam. Here is how:

Cancelling PTE Exam:

Just like the rescheduling, the cancelling of PTE also has to be done at least before 14 days of the booked test, and only then one is eligible for a full refund of the registration amount. Before at least 7 days of the test, if one needs to cancel the test, there will be a penalty of 50% of registration fees and only 50% of the fees will be refunded. There will be no refunds for the tests cancelled within 7 days of the booked dates.

If you retake your PTE exam, prepare well, do not get go the opportunity. For you we have prepared the list of best materials, check this out: PTE Preparation Books and other Materials

Reviewing your PTE Score:

If you are unhappy with your PTE Scores, you can claim for a review of your test. Depending on your location and country, it can cost around US$ 100 for the scoring review. If there is an improvement in your overall PTE scores, the reviewing fees will be refunded. One will have to apply for the score review within 14 calendar days of receiving your test scores officially.

Late Registration Fees for PTE:

There is a late registration fee for the PTE will also vary with the location you are applying from. If you want to book the test within 48 hours of a test date, you will have to pay the late registration fees. From 5% to 50%, the late registration fees will add to the standard booking fees for the test.

Summary of PTE Fees and other Costs:

Now that you are aware of the costs and fees related to it, here is a short summary of all the costs attached to the PTE Exam:

 Services Related to PTE Exam

 PTE Exam Fees

 Registration of the Test

 US$185 to US$275, depending on the country

 Late Registration (48 hours before the Test)

 Additional 5% to 50% of the Registration Fees

 Rescheduling Penalties

 25% to 100% of the Registration Fees depending on the time of rescheduling 

 Cancellation Costs

 50% to 100% of the Registration Fees depending on the time of cancelling

PTE Score Review

 Around US$100, refunded if the scores are improved


This is ideally all you need to know about PTE Exam Fees. however, if you have any queries regarding the test or the PTE Exam Fees, feel free to contact us, or refer to our PTE Exam Guide.

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