Cost of studying in Singapore

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Cost of Education in Singapore

The education of education in Singapore is quite low as compared to other study abroad destinations like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. The cost of study in Singapore varies according to the institute, course and duration of the course. You might end up paying S$5000 to S$ 20000 approximately for 6 months to 2 years Diploma course, S$ 24000 to S$55000 approximately for 2 to 4 years Bachelor Degree course and S$ 18,500 to S$ 30000 approximately for 1 to 1.5 years Master Degree Course. If you are studying 5 years Medical and Dental courses in Singapore, you might end up paying subsidised tuition fee with an obligation to work for 3 years in Singapore under The Tuition Grant Bond. 

Cost of study in Singapore

Cost of Living in Singapore

Like cost of education, living expenses are low in Singapore as compared to other study abroad destinations but it has high standard of living. Your cost of living while studying abroad in Singapore will include your expenses on accommodation, food, groceries, books and travel. While studying in Singapore, you can opt for following accommodation options:

Type of Accommodation

Estimated Cost for Accommodation per Month

University’s Halls of Residence

S$ 155 - S$800 approximately

Boarding School

S$ 6,000 - S$15,000 approximately per academic year

Private Hostel

S$750 approximately

Room in Public Housing

S$300 - S$600 approximately

Whole Unit in Public Housing

S$1000 - S$2000 approximately

Room in Private Housing

S$800 - S$1,200 approximately

Whole Unit in Private Housing

S$1,000 and more approximately

Public Housing in Singapore refers to government-subsidised flats (HDB flats) developed by the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

Hence, an average cost of living in Singapore is S$750 to S$2,000 approximately per month.

Health Insurance for Studying Abroad in Singapore

While studying abroad in Singapore, medical or health insurance is compulsory for the students. The cost of health insurance will be S$45 approximately per year and it will cover all your medical expenses while studying in Singapore.

However, cost of education is low in Singapore as compared to other study abroad destinations but you can get financial assistance from Government and Universities of Singapore through various scholarships and fellowships.

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