Master of science in mathematics


Laval University

Quebec, Canada

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Key information
: 2 Year
Study Type
: Full Time
Tuition fees
: 16.00 CAD / Per Year
Exam Accepted
: IELTS 6.0/9
Exam Intake
: Oct | Jan | Jul
Conditional Scholarship
: NA
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  • Master of Science in Mathematics

  • This program will allow you to deepen your knowledge in the fields of pure or applied mathematics.
  • Based on a large number of advanced courses, this program aims to make you reach a level of knowledge and maturity that will allow you to approach your specialty with the critical mind necessary for the exact understanding of the concepts and the hatching of new ideas. You will master a research method which will give you a certain autonomy and will become an agent of evolution in your workplace.

    Your research environment will match your ambitions: numerous conferences and seminars, professors with various expertise offering quality supervision, statistical consulting service, student employment opportunities at the Center for Troubleshooting and Assistantship (CDA) in mathematics and access to a very well equipped computer lab.

  • Director to find  after  admission  : you will be able to find the professor who will agree to supervise your research work after your admission to the program. Although it is not compulsory for admission, this step is necessary for the continuation of your studies and your choice of advisor must be approved before the end of your first session at the latest. How to find your supervisor and your research project . 
  • Full-time or part-time : you decide how quickly you progress in the program.
  • Areas of expertise

  • Algebra
  • Analysis
  • Mathematics education
  • Differential geometry
  • Applied mathematics
  • Probabilities
  • Number theory
  • This program is primarily intended for applicants with a bachelor's degree in mathematics or a diploma deemed equivalent
  • This program will make you a high-level researcher in the fields of pure or applied mathematics. It will also prepare you to work in government research bodies, public and private organizations, or to undertake an academic career

Entry Requirement

  • Appplicant must have Bachelor of Science in Mathematics or an equivalent degree, which is a minimum requirement for admission to the program
  • Applicant must have bachelor degree.

Application Process

  • The candidate holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics or an equivalent diploma.

    Holders of a bachelor's degree with a major in mathematics or a bachelor's degree in a discipline related to mathematics may also be eligible (see preparatory schooling).


    The candidate has obtained a progress or graduation average of 2.67 out of 4.33 or greater, or the equivalent.

    Preparatory schooling

    Holders of a bachelor's degree with a major in mathematics or a bachelor's degree in a discipline related to mathematics may be required to undergo preparatory schooling. The required courses must be passed with a mark equal to or greater than 2.67 out of 4.33.

    Preparatory schooling does not contribute to the program and will be determined during the analysis of the admission file, if applicable.

    Test Director

    The candidate must, during the first registration session, find a professor who will agree to act as test director. Before the end of this period, the student notifies the program director of his choice of trial director.

    Language requirements

    Teaching at Laval University is done in French. Fluency in written and spoken French is therefore essential.

    The candidate must also have a very good knowledge of written English.

    Although knowledge of French and English is not an admission requirement, successful completion of this study program is linked to the student's ability to read and understand texts in French and English. . Students who do not have sufficient command of these languages ​​could experience difficulties in their studies. The student must ensure that he has a good understanding of French and English and, if necessary, take measures to develop his language skills during the training (for example, at the Language School of the Laval University ). In the event of significant deficiencies, the program management may impose corrective measures.

    Documents to be submitted in the admission application in addition to the documents required by the Registrar's Office

  • for all applicants: a curriculum vitae
  • for candidates who have never studied at Laval University:
    • a letter of motivation / intentions which sets out the reasons why the candidate wants to follow this program, in connection with his previous studies and professional interests
    • three appraisal reports
  • Selection

    Meeting the entry requirements for a program does not automatically result in a candidate being admitted. Each request is studied by the program director who takes into account, in its assessment, the candidate's previous preparation, his academic record, all of his file, as well as the resources of the host department.

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