Electrical Engineering Universities in Australia

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Exams Accepted
University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales

Location: Kensington, Australia

Bachelors: AUD 39360 Masters: AUD 40560
University Of Technology Sydney

University Of Technology Sydney

Location: Sydney, Australia

Bachelors: AUD 27936 Masters: AUD 35184
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
University of Wollongong

University of Wollongong

Location: Wollongong, Australia

Bachelors: AUD 27000 Masters: AUD 25875
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
Queensland University Of Technology

Queensland University Of Technology

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Bachelors: AUD 26200 Masters: AUD 27,600
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
Curtin University

Curtin University

Location: Bentley, Australia

Bachelors: AUD 27600 Masters: AUD 24500
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
RMIT University

RMIT University

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Bachelors: AUD 22080 Masters: AUD 25920
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
Flinders University

Flinders University

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Bachelors: AUD 22400 Masters: AUD 29000
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL
La Trobe University

La Trobe University

Location: Victoria, Australia

Bachelors: AUD 29200 Masters: AUD 26840
Entry Criteria: IELTS ,TOEFL

Engineering Universities in Australia

Australia is one of the study abroad destinations that come with top priority for certain disciplines of education. Aspiring engineering students choose Australia as their preferred study destination. Engineering in Australia comes with high-quality education, above par compared with the global standards.


Engineering Colleges in Australia for International Students:

  • Engineering universities in Australia come with state-of-the-art facilities, a pool of highly qualified and skilled teaching faculties, cutting-edge technologies, rich diversified, and a lavish study environment.
  • Engineering colleges in Australia provide the world-class and best technology edification, compared with the globally reputed universities and colleges in other countries. There is a lot of scope of engineering in Australia.
  • International students need not look to study engineering in US, UK or Canada for high-quality engineering studies. Engineering in Australia is equally recognized, reputed, and offers amazing study options.
  • Engineering colleges in Australia combine teaching and practical sessions to equip the students with knowledge and skills to master the study. International students get a wide range of options to choose the field of study in engineering. The specialization includes but is not limited to marine, chemical, electronic, aeronautical engineering, information technology, biomedical, mechanical engineering, and many more.
  • International students who are keen on research can blindly choose engineering colleges in Australia. The country has many colleges which have a reputation for excellent research programs with worldwide exposure. There are many leading research colleges in Australia. Engineering education comes with the development and promotion of new ideas.

Engineering Specialisations in Australia

There is a large number of specializations in engineering available in the country which means that there is something for everyone. Here are top Specialisations in engineering in Australia for international students :

  • Highway engineering in Australia
  • Energy engineering in Australia
  • Electrical engineering in Australia
  • Environmental engineering in Australia
  • Human genetic engineering in Australia
  • Hydropower engineering in Australia
  • Mechanical engineering in Australia
  • Civil engineering in Australia
  • Genetic engineering in Australia
  • Aerospace engineering in Australia

Study engineering in Australia cost

The cost of Engineering in Australia will change with the course and university one decides to apply on. The engineering in Australia fees at the top-ranked universities can range from anywhere between 19000$ and 39000$. However, this is not it. As we mentioned, the fees will vary with the Engineering University in Australia. Check out the individual courses in the above-listed universities for exact tuition fees.

Engineering ranking university in Australia

Engineering universities in Australia are globally recognized. Australian National University is one of the best universities for engineering in Australia. There are many universities for engineering in Australia which are listed among the top universities of the world as per to the QS World University Rankings. Here we have listed a few top engineering colleges in Australia for international students. 

Bachelor of Engineering course list

Here we have listed a few courses for bachelor of engineering in Australia for international students:

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Instrumentation Control and Automation Engineering)
  • Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil)
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechatronics) Honours
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Agroindustrial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering
  • Bachelor in business engineering
  • Bachelor of international Civil engineering
  • Bachelor of Science in Mining engineering
  • Bachelor of construction engineering
  • BSc in chemical engineering

Master of Engineering in Australia

For those who are looking to study masters of engineering in Australia, we have made a list of courses for them:

  • Master of Engineering in Oil and Gas
  • Master of Engineering Management
  • Master of Professional Engineering
  • Master of Environmental Engineering Management
  • Master of Technology (Petroleum Engineering)
  • MSc Engineering Management
  • Master in chemical engineering
  • Master in Construction Engineering and Management
  • Master of Science in Mechanical engineering
  • Master of Science in Bioengineering 

Engineering in Australia for Indian Students

Indian students have always made it to the large numbers in Australia and Engineering is no exception. Many Indian students who aspire to study engineering look up to the Universities in Australia for higher education. The process, however, is the same as any other international student. The English language requirements and the fund requirements are the same for Indian students.

Engineering Universities In Australia