On June 12th 2019, the US embassy launched the EducationUSA India mobile app, for guiding and attending Indian students looking forward to studying in USA. Aim for the mobile App is to get the right and authentic information to Indian students about the courses and Universities in the USA. Here is all you need to know about EducationUSA India app:

US Embassy Launches App for Indian Students looking to Study in USA

EducationUSA App:

The Aim of the EducationUSA app is to provide authentic information to aspiring students all over the world. On June 12, the app was launched for Indian students. It provides information on the Education System in the USA, stories from the students who are already Studying in USA, student life in USA and additional information for the Parents. The app is to provide the information, guidance and tracking of the application process in US Universities.

The App holds authentic information about all the universities and courses offered there. In 2018, 196000 Indian students were enrolled in the US Universities, which makes 17% of the international students studying in the USA. 70% of the international students go to 300 universities in the USA, whereas the EducationUSA has 4700 accredited universities in the USA. EducationUSA Facebook page has also been promoting the Higher Education in USA since long.

Launching the application, Karl M Adam stated that they want authentic information on USA Universities available for Indian Students. He also showed the interest in increasing the number of advising centres, and researching to build a network of advisors to help students with all the required information. US Universities are very flexible, and students can change their major even after the admission, he added.

According to Patti Hoffman, US Consul General in Kolkata, “One in six students in the US is an Indian and USA has been one of the top choices for the Indian students. Studying in USA can be a life-changing journey and it is an opportunity to experience the diverse American culture. It also helps in lifelong engagement that connects USA and India in a meaningful way.”

EducationUSA Advising Centers:

The EducationUSA has 550 advisers and 400 Advising centres across the world. In India, Education USA has seven advising centres. Which are in: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

EducationUSA Scholarships:

EducationUSA does not only help students with the Universities, courses and application information but also provides information and counselling on the scholarships available for the international students. As we have mentioned, more than 4700 institutions are affiliated with the EducationUSA, and all the scholarships available for the respective universities are accessible to the students.

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