Studying abroad is one of the most enriching experiences a student can have. Therefore, do not be afraid to leave your country, build your bag and get to know new places.

More than 500,000 international students receive their education each year in the United States. The land of opportunity occupies the first place of preference in the minds of millions of students around the world who wish to train in a place different from their countries of origin. The United States is an open, developed, and organized country that offers extraordinary opportunities.

Study in USA for Indian Students

Each year the United States opens the doors of its universities to thousands of international students who intend to continue their academic training in this system considered one of the most prestigious worldwide. If you still have any doubts we will reveal some reasons why studying in the USA is a great decision.

When a student decides to continue their academic training in a foreign country, there is no doubt that the United States appears among the first options; not in vain, every year American country receives a large number of students from more than 90 countries.

Speak English to perfection

Not only is it the third most spoken language, but for decades English is the language of business. Therefore, sharing some time with native speakers of the language will offer you the possibility to improve enormously, which in the future can offer you important job opportunities.

Balance theory-practice in universities

Study Abroad in USA centers uses various methods to train students with a wide range of knowledge, as well as practical skills. A great advantage, which makes them stand out at the world level, is that these institutions achieve an excellent theory-practice balance.

Teachers with a great academic training

The universities of the United States have a highly qualified teaching staff. Many of these have Ph.D. degrees and even work as advisors in leading companies. In addition, many teachers have as a priority to establish a good relationship with their students.

You will become a citizen of the world

Living abroad means adapting to a culture that is shaped both by traditions and by different values. Also, distancing yourself for some time from your own country is a good mechanism to learn much more about your culture and even acquire a different vision of it. That is to say, you will be able to become a true citizen of the world.

A country with thousands of attractions

The United States is one of the most advanced countries in terms of education, new technologies, and research. But these are not the only benefits that will amaze you in this country, regardless of which region of the country you move to, you will find hundreds of attractions that will surprise you.

You will face new challenges

For many students, this experience is the first great challenge they face on their own. Therefore, it is a great opportunity to improve your ability to make plans or achieve goals by yourself. Both maturity and confidence will be essential qualities to carry with the new situations that you will have to face on a daily basis.

Study in USA for Indian Students after 12th:

Many Indian students do not want to wait till graduation and desire to fly to USA right after they finish their 12th. Whether you are a student from the science, commerce, or the Arts stream, there are a bunch of opportunities for Indian students to study in USA after the 12th. Some of the most popular courses in USA are Engineering, pure sciences, business, and finance courses. Here is more on studying in USA after 12th for Indian Students: Study in USA for Indian Students after 12th

Even studying in USA for Indian students after 10th is also possible but you will have to face many problems so it is better to complete your 12th grade and then fly to the USA for further studies. There are lots of options to study in USA for Indian students after 12th science. And also to study in USA after 12th commerce. Indian students will need an F1 visa if the course of study is more than 18 hours a week, or is a full-time degree. Read more: Student Visa for USA

Study in USA cost:

The Cost of Studying in USA for Indian Students depends on the courses and Universities they choose to study in. The four-year colleges, preferred by many Indian Students, costs around 40,000-50,000$ a public college. The private colleges cost around $51000 for the four-year courses. Though these are average numbers, the tuition fees vary largely with different institutions. The business and management courses, medical courses, etc. have higher fees than usual. Here is all you need to know about the cost of studying in USA: Study in USA Cost


Among Indian students, MS in USA is more popular. Every university has different criteria for admission to MS in the USA. But the basic eligibility for MS in USA for Indian students are:

  • 16 years of previous education (10+2+ 4 year degree programs, 10+3 year diploma + 3-year degree, 10+2+ 3 year degree+ 2-year masters)
  • Transcripts
  • Standardized tests score (like GRE)
  • English Language Proficiency Score (like IELTS/TOEFL/PTE)

How much study gap is acceptable in USA?

Generally, one year gap is acceptable in the USA. However, if certain situations demand the gap, it could be more than a year as well. The students applying to the universities of USA should have pieces of evidence to prove their break from studies.

  • If the study gap is because of medical conditions, then he/she should present medical proof.
  • The students who have spent their years uplifting their hobbies or activities to step forward in life should produce relevant proof to show their involvement in the same.
  • The students who have taken a job or internship should present their experience letter or a letter from their employer stating they were undergoing a job internship.
  • Students that have taken up voluntary work must put forward their proof of participation to the university.

Scholarships to Study in USA for Indian Students:

USA is not exactly known for its affordability, and many of the students going to study in USA rely on the scholarships offered. Scholarships to study in USA can be offered by either the university itself or a number of different entities that provide scholarships in USA. A large number of students take benefit of these scholarships or some kind of financial aid that is available for studying in USA for international students as well as local students. Maybe you will be able to study in USA for free with the help of these scholarships. Some popular scholarships for Indian students are rotary foundation ambassadorial scholarship, inlaks Shivdasani Foundation scholarships, Cornell university tata scholarship, ETS TOEFL scholarship, etc. Here is all you need to know about scholarships: Scholarships to Study in USA for Indian Students


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