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You are here as you may be planning to pursue your higher education in USA. Firstly congratulations on choosing to study abroad in USA. You have made the right decision. Many international students from all over the world travel to study in the United States due to the high standard of education. To study in USA you would be required to assemble some important documents. This article presents your Requirements to Study in USA as an International Student


Requirements to Study in USA as an International Student


Documents required for the admission application process

If you are applying to any university in the USA, you need to meet certain requirements. You need to submit some of the supporting documents along with the application form. These documents present your skills, abilities, nationality, and identity. To get admission to the USA, you will need the following documents: 

Transcripts - A transcript is a single document issued by an institution. It contains the scorecard of the concerned student along with full details about the courses student studied in short. If you are applying to the universities in the USA, you will need all the scores available to that date. 

Resume/Curriculum Vitae - Your resume must have information about your education qualification, internships, work experience, milestone scores, projects undertaken during your internships or full-time job, and also include co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. 

Marksheets and Certificates - You will need to submit copies of your mark sheets and pass certificates. You will need mark sheets of 10th, 12th, all semesters, and passing certificates. Each application requires at least one set of copies. 

Letters of Recommendation - One of the most important documents required for applying to USA universities is the Letters of Recommendations (LOR).  It has to come from your professors or managers. It should display your skills, achievements, and experience at the college/professional level. 

Entrance Exam Scorecards - Universities in the USA ask international students to appear for some entrance exams for admission. Check for the program you are applying for.  You should keep your results ready before applying to your chosen US university.  Some important entrance exams are : 

  1. SAT - Scholastic Assessment Test
  2. ACT - American College Testing
  3. GRE - Graduate Record Examinations
  4. GMAT - Graduate Management Admission test,
  5. MCAT - Medical College Admission Test
  6. LSAT - Law School Admission Test

English Proficiency Test Scores - If you are from one of the non-native English-speaking countries, you are also required to produce scores of an English language proficiency test.

Statement of Purpose - SOP reflects the personality that you try to portray in front of the admission officers for getting admission in US universities. It is the chance of impressing the committee by presenting a profile strongly through an essay that describes your personality traits, which are not covered in academic documents. 

Work Experience letters - If you have work experience then the experience letters from the respective organizations, should be attached.

Passport  - To prove your identity, you may need to provide your passport number. Having an up-to-date passport is also essential. 

Language proficiency test requirements to study in USA

If English is from a non-English speaking country, you will be required to submit scores or proof of English language proficiency to pursue your higher education in the USA. This is important because students will study in the US in English and Universities need to know that language won’t be a barrier in their studies. The most popular among these tests required to Study in USA for International students are:

  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
  • PTE (Pearson Test of English)
  • Duolingo English Test

After applying with all the documents you will have to wait, the university will verify your documents. If your profile matches the set criteria, they will send you the offer letter. You will get detailed information here: How to Apply to Universities in USA?

Documents Required for F1 Student Visa Application

Student visas for USA require students to carry a lot more documents for the whole process. You will need mandatory documents along with supporting documents of financial and academic records. Here are the documents required for a student visa application for USA:

  1. A valid passport with a validity date at least six months beyond the period of stay.
  2. Online application form - A printed copy of DS-160, 
  3. SEVIS Fee Receipt
  4. Interview appointment letter (original and copy)
  5. Form I-20 sent by the college 
  6. Visa fees payment confirmation receipt
  7. Bank statement for at least three years showing that they have enough assets to pay for the first year (could be of parent or guardian)
  8. Pay or salary slips
  9. Original mark sheets or provisional certificates
  10. Result of standardized exams like TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS, etc.

If you fail to present valid and complete documents, your student visa application might get rejected. To avoid visa rejection, check this out: USA Student Visa Rejection: Reasons and appeals 

Supporting Financial Documents required for F1 Visa

For the USA, you need to show proof of the funds you will need to cover for the first year's total expenses while you are studying in USA. It includes your tuition fees, cost of living, and other expenses. Apart from this, you also need to present evidence of the funds for the rest of the duration of their education. Evidence of Financial Resources required for F1 Visa can be: 

  1. Tax returns for the past 3 years (Form 16)
  2. Bank statements/passbook for the past 3 years
  3. Original pay/salary slips and letters of employment
  4. Statement from certified CA
  5. Scholarship letter (If the applicant has received it)
  6. The education loan approval letter by the bank.

We hope this article was helpful for you. For any additional details, you can visit the website of the university you have chosen to study in USA. There you will get the exact document list required for your chosen course. You can contact us for any queries. Feel free to reach us.!!

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