The US H1B visa latest news here. USA President Donald Trump has temporarily canceled the H1B visa system maybe till the year-end and has ordered his management to follow merit-based immigration. The H1B visa and other work visas are being suspended for some time and now, the merit-based system will prioritize the highest-skilled workers to American jobs. This has made a lot of Indian students and employees very anxious.

How will the temporary USA H1B visa suspension affect Indian students and employees?

Temporary suspension of H1B visa

The current cap on H1B visas is only 85,000 which can be supplied every year and they are distributed through a random H1B visa lottery. Trump has now directed to eliminate the lottery system and instead use a salary ranking selection process so that the top 85,000 salary offers to get the US H1B visa 2020.

President has also asked for the current wage calculation system to be cleaned up according to the H1B wages. As per officials, they are planning to set the current wage floor at the 50th percentile so the candidate who gets the H1B visa will be in the upper end of earnings.


The USA is basically ensuring that only the highest-skilled applicants are taken in from foreign labor so that it increases the opportunity for American people to get jobs. Thus, as per the new regulations, both the skill level as well as the wage level of H1B applicants have to be high to get approval.

Who will be affected by this decision?

  • Those who were planning to move to the USA on the H1B, H2B, L visa.
  • US H1B visa holders who are not currently present in the USA (because their stamp is still pending).
  • Employees of the Indian companies who are planning to go on-site in the USA.
  • IT companies in India frequently keep sending their employees to the USA.
  • Companies that highly depend on sending employees to their client's locations in the USA.

Who will not be affected by this decision?

  • H1B holders who are already in the USA and the ones whose visa is valid and they are already in the US. H1B visa validity is for 3 years.
  • Students who are planning to move to the USA for their education 
  • Students who are on an F1 visa.
  • Students who are working on Optional Practical Training(OPT), as there is no mention of F1 visa or OPT in this executive order (EO)

How does the H1B visa suspension mean for students?

There is no news about the students who want to study in USA in this decision. There is no need for the students to seem to have much to worry about temporary H1B visa suspension if they want to study abroad in the USA.

For the upcoming batches in USA, this should not be a problem. Students would be graduating after 2 years and that is when they would be on OPT and post that on H1B. The suspension of H1B is only for some time and that there are high chances that it would be changed or even withdrawn by the end of the year or even before it.

Another good news for students is that now the consultants will be relaxed with the work visa work and then can process more of student visas.
How is it related to students looking for USA jobs post-education?

The orders to temporarily suspend H1B visa news might actually be good news for the Indian students who are looking for a job after completing their post-graduation. This suspension of visas might not affect them. Anyhow students on OPT might become more in demand.


Optional Practical Training full form or is a one-year work period for undergraduate and graduate students with F-1 status to get work experience in the USA while they are completing their degrees or have already completed them.

USA OPT Rule Changes: Advantage to Indian Students in USA

If there will be no new H1B candidates who can come from outside, this creates a great opportunity for students who will be changing their status to OPT. On the other hand, job applicants who want to work in the USA need to ensure they are highly skilled and are obtaining a high salary abroad. Anyways, the H1B visa has only been temporarily suspended and there are high chances that this would be changed or withdrawn by the end of this year.


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