The USA has always been the most popular destination for international students from all over the world. It attracts nearly 1 million overseas students to the country every year. Due to pandemic USA has seen a decrease in per cent of admissions of international students in American universities. So now America is planning to build back stronger. 

Statistics of international students in USA in the previous years

The report from the reputed Institute of International Education stated that the number of international undergraduate students decreased by 2.9% in the 2019-2020 academic year and this was before Covid-19. The overall newly enrolled international students decreased for the fourth consecutive year and total enrolled international students returning to pre-2016/17 figures. 

Challenges faced by America

It is not always possible to attract talented international students towards the US. Many of them choose the UK, Canada or Australia instead of America for their higher education due to many other reasons.

  • Policies such as the travel ban for some of the Muslim countries, and challenges in obtaining visas for a period of employment after graduation etc becomes a hurdle in the way. 
  • The USA may find itself in a situation of war with other top study abroad destination for attracting the most important asset of the world,  talented young people.
  • There is a need for America to positively communicate its various strengths to a world. 
  • Canada has long welcomed international students,  The UK, position to signal a welcome to international students, by reintroducing a period of the automatic right to post-study work after graduation. In Australia, universities are trying to match these policies with attractive offers for international students. So there is tough competition in the world.

New policies for attracting International students

In the next four years, International students will get a much more supportive environment from the new president of the USA. He has repeatedly spoken about his commitment to providing international education.

  • One of the first actions the White House is expected to take after January 2021 is to lift the travel restrictions, but other actions are also likely to make a difference.
  • A commitment to stronger international cooperation and resolve to address the coronavirus pandemic through tighter public health measures.
  • The Presidents’ Alliance for Higher Education and Immigration, has prepared a series of proposals for the new administration’s first 100 days for the welcome of international students, such as:
  1. implementing the existing International Education Strategy, 
  2. addressing visa barriers to study in USA and 
  3. legislating for greater online enrollment flexibility.

Organisations such as NAFSA are hopeful that the new president team will open a new chapter in American international education. It will be challenging after a continuous decrease in international admissions for four years. Despite the many challenges awaiting a new president faced with overcoming a global pandemic and its impacts on the economy, education and global cooperation will be the centre point of the new policy commitment to ‘build back better’.

Reasons to choose America as your study abroad destination.

America has a spectrum of reasons to be proud of its reputation as a place of education. It has always welcomed international students wholeheartedly.

  • The American higher education system offers plenty of options to students according to their needs and interests. The universities in USA offer a wide range of study programs in all academic fields. 
  • An international degree from the USA opens up a wide range of career prospects. You will get a lot of job opportunities with the high packages after graduating from the university in USA. 
  • American universities offer excellent research and training opportunities to international students. 
  • The USA is an advanced technological country. It has equipped all spectrums of the education sector with the latest technology.
  • Almost all American universities provide good guidance and support to all international students. They help them in their accommodation, visa status, career opportunities, etc.

Students who want to widen their horizons and are brave enough to travel abroad for their students, America is the place for you.

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