In the USA, there are several institutions both private and public committed to teaching film either as a stand-alone entity or as a department in a big university. Film Schools in USA offering film programs as part of their communications or art curriculum differ with other institutions with a dedicated film program. It offers degrees in the several aspects of film making such as theory, cinematography, directing, and screenwriting.

International students who want to pursue film study in the USA will find that there are specialist schools that provide reputable film degrees and give students the opportunity to gain exposure to all areas of the film world. Most of these colleges and universities offering this degree program are located in New York and California.

Requirements of film schools in the USA for international students

Begin the preparation early, at least a year in advance, as deadlines approach quickly. Here are the requirements for international students to apply for film schools in united states:

  • If you are an international student interested in pursuing film studies in the U.S, you should start the process by researching the good film schools in the USA.
  • After researching the film school in the U.S, take a look at their admission process. The admission process is a bit lengthy. There are many important requirements you have to meet.
  • Transcripts have to be submitted.
  • College essays are required
  •  letters of recommendation as demanded by the institutions
  • English proficiency test score(test like TOEFL/IELTS)

Film making courses in USA for international students

There are plenty of options for international students in the field of film making to study in USA. Below we have mentioned the different undergraduate and graduate programs offered by American institutes.

Graduate Programs

  • Master in digital film
  • Master in fine arts in film production
  • Master in television, radio, film
  • MFA in film and media art
  • Master of fine arts in film
  • Master of fine arts in film and animation
  • Master of arts in fashion film and photography
  • Master of Arts in film and media
  • Master of science in fiction and entertainment
  • M.F.A in cinema arts
  • Master in production design
  • Master of film editing

Undergraduate programs

  • Bachelor in film studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in film production
  • Bachelor of Science in film
  • Bachelor in film and television
  • Bachelor of fine arts in film art
  • BSc in creative media and film
  • Bachelor in Media studies - film and culture
  • Bachelor of fine arts in film
  • BFA in film production
  • Bachelor of Science in digital filmmaking

Best Film Schools​ in the USA for international students

There are many famous film schools in USA for international students. Among them the best 5 film schools in USA are:

Affordable film schools in USA for international students

Of course, the USA is known for its expensive studies. What if you get a few best affordable film schools in USA? For those who are interested in film schools in USA with an affordable cost, we have mentioned a few cheap film schools in USA:

  • ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena
  • Barnard College, New York
  • Chapman University, California
  • Colorado Film School, Colorado
  • Columbia College Chicago
  • CUNY Brooklyn College
  • Dominican University, Illinois
  • Emerson College, Massachusetts
  • Ferris State University, Michigan
  • Fordham University, New York
  • Ithaca College, New york
  • Ferris State University, Michigan
  • Fordham University, New York
  • Kean University, New Jersey
  • Loyola Marymount University, California

Careers in film

There are three parts in film production that offer different kinds of occupations to the international students. They are given below:

  • In the pre-production phase, ideas are presented into full-fledged productions. Fundraising, budgeting, screenwriting and set design are the main parts of pre-production. Jobs in pre-production include screenwriting, producing, costume design, casting, etc
  • In the production phase, the actual creation of film takes place. Occupations in production include production assistants, directors, sound engineering technicians, camera operators,  boom operators, gaffers, animators, multimedia artists, directors of photography etc
  • In the post-production phase, the process of editing is done. Jobs in the post-production phase include assistant editors, editors, sound effects editors, dubbing editors, film librarians, advertising and promotional advertisers, sales representatives etc

With film-making being one of the most demanded programs, various universities provide plenty of courses. Students can choose their interested programs in USA and become an expert in their preferred area.

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