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Study in UK is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations not only in Europe but also across the globe. If you want to study master's in Information Technology, the United Kingdom holds the key. Masters in Computer Science and information technology courses are two of the most sought-after programs in UK. Here we have listed out the reasons, why UK is the best of them all to study Masters in Information Technology:

Top Reasons to Study Masters in Information Technology in UK

1. Top Ranked Universities

UK is home to some of the world’s best computer science Universities. If you want to study Masters in Information Technology in UK, there are plenty of options to choose from.  According to QS world ranking, here are the Best Computer Science Universities to pursue masters in Information Technology.

Best Computer Science Universities in UK:

  1. University of Cambridge

  2. University of Oxford

  3. Imperial College London

  4. University of Edinburgh

  5. University College London

  6. King’s College London

  7. University of Manchester

  8. University of Glasgow

  9. University of Southampton

  10. Lancaster University

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2. Best of the Information Technology Courses

Universities in UK offer the best of the Master in Information Technology Courses. A degree of master in computer science, or Masters in Information technology have many specializations to choose from, here are the few listed:

At times, masters in computer science and information technology courses can be combined with other specialisation and study fields like mathematics, business and biotechnology. That helps not only to expand your horizons, but also allows you to pick the fields you are further interested in.

3. Universities with special focus on IT and Computer Science

The Universities in UK and courses on offered are not the only reasons to study masters in computer science and information technology courses. Universities in UK are famous for different aspects of information technology courses like logical and artificial intelligence, robotics, research outputs in experimental computer science, visual information processing, and telecommunication. The Universities are dedicated on the both elements of masters in computer science and information technology courses, the theoretical as well as practical knowledge and implementation.

4. High Research Output

As we mention, the Universities in UK are prestigious for their long tradition of quality education and research output. A Masters in Computer science or the information technology courses have professionals who deal with real world problems. As an information technology student, you will spend a lot of time in research and implementation of the ideas. Studying Information technology in UK gives you an amazing opportunity to be creative and solve real life problems in fields like biotechnology, business, healthcare and communication. The Russell Group is a group of 18 top research Universities in the UK, which is said to represent the best Universities in UK.

5. Job Prospectus

Masters in Information Technology and Computer Science are highly paid professionals all around the world. In UK, statistics show that the IT and Computer Science graduates earn more than the graduates from many other departments. An average salary of an IT graduate in UK is around 40,000 GBP a year. When you study Information technology in UK, it will always add to your CV. Not only institutes across the world, but also institutes in your home country will be happy to hire you. Best computer science Universities in UK offer you internships and workshops at UK Giants that will help you network with the best of the world’s institutes.

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