Jan 17, 2019

Top Study Abroad Programs Expected to be in Trend for 2019

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Many students willing to study abroad are often confused about the courses they are willing to pursue. For a bright future and employability, it is important to opt for the right stream regarding the relevance to the times. As the year starts, here is a list of study abroad programs that are expected to be in trend for 2019:

Top Study Abroad Programs Expected to be in Trend for 2019


The first stream we are talking is ever reliable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and mathematics). The subjects are the some of the most practical study abroad programs to look forward to. The impact made by students of these streams is invaluable.

In today’s competitive times, where the education is moving towards problem solving approach and the time belongs to technology, STEM is sure something lucrative if you are an study abroad aspirant. It offers a variety of careers and high paying jobs.

Top Countries for STEM Study Abroad Programs:

  1. USA

  2. UK

  3. Canada

  4. Australia

  5. Germany

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a part of Software Engineering, however, it is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world. The future lies in the artificial intelligence, and it is taking shape in many shapes and forms.

The goal is to program Smart computers, cellphones and automations that we usually call robots to do the things, which are usually done by people.

Top Universities to Study Artificial Intelligence:


QS World Ranking 2019

Massachusetts Institute of Technology “MIT”


Stanford University


Harvard University


University of California, Berkeley


Carnegie Mellon University


3. Business, Finance and Management:

Just like STEM; Finance Business and Management courses are ever reliable courses. Every industry needs a management team, and Business and Management is something that is required everywhere. MBA professionals are required everywhere in the world, and MBA abroad itself is one of the most sought after study abroad programs among international students. In 2019, the trend is not going anywhere.

Countries like USA, Canada, Australia and UK are home to some of the best business schools in the world. An MBA from a prestigious university abroad drastically improves your employability universally.

Check Out here:

4. Unconventional Courses:

What are unconventional study abroad programs? Exactly opposite to the STEM courses we just talk about, the unconventional courses are not set educational subject. They are more than science, medicine, engineering and law. Conventional subjects are what students have been stuck for many years now, but the scenario is changing. There are arts and humanities courses, hospitality and hotel management, Luxury Management, Media and Films, and the list goes on.

Unconventional courses are here to stay and stay for long, as they are career specific, less competitive, and based on the course and career you choose, very rewarding in nature. With unconventional courses, you are able to combine your interests into your profession and there are no boundaries stopping you.

You can check out some of the courses here:

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