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Want to study abroad from India? Undoubtedly, you will have to jump through many hoops. Getting a degree from a foreign country is very tough. You need to achieve a certain grade point average to get admission to a foreign university. More than that, you need to have the money to support your living expenses in a foreign country. Here's a practical guide to help you choose the right course and country that fits your budget and requirements.


Requirements to Study Abroad from India


Requirements to Study Abroad from India

To apply to any of the universities abroad, Indian students need to send some important documents to the university’s graduate admission office. Only after screening the documents, the universities will issue an Offer letter. But the document requirements may change with the university you choose. Major documents that you will need to apply to universities abroad will include:

Application Form

This is the most essential document that includes all your personal and professional details. An admission application form should be filled in carefully with correct details. Double-check before submitting. 

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Statement of Purpose will talk about your background, the reason to pursue your program in the chosen university, and your career goals. Take enough time to prepare your SOP essay. A well-prepared statement of purpose can make your way into the university. It will help your application stand out in the crowd of thousands of candidates. You should not miss this: Things to Avoid When Writing A Statement Of Purpose

Academic transcripts 

This is your academic record, similar to a consolidated mark sheet like we have in India (easily available from your respective university), which will include all courses you’ve taken with your grades, credits, and degree received. The Academic transcripts include

  • SSC.
  • Intermediate.
  • Bachelor’s Degree with year-wise/semester-wise Marks lists.
  • Bachelor’s Degree consolidated memorandum of marks.
  • Bachelor’s Degree Provisional Certificate and Degree.
  • Masters' Degree with year-wise / semester-wise marks lists.
  • Master Degree consolidated memorandum of marks.
  • Master's degree provisional certificate and degree.
  • Final semester project work details.

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Abroad admission officers always want to know what others think about the applicant, to assess their qualities, characteristics, and capabilities. Therefore they ask for a Letter of Recommendation form. A LOR is an academic letter of recommendation from any of your professors or managers that talks about skills, achievements, experience, and contribution to your college or professional organization. This letter enables the admission officer to get an insight into your life and accordingly decide your admission.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume

A Curriculum Vitae or a resume will give a comprehensive understanding of your academic and professional timeline. Ensure to mention all the details of your degrees, certificates, internships, and relevant work experience. A powerful resume always impresses the admission officers. 

Test Scores

To get accepted at a university abroad, Indian students need to submit the result of the language tests to prove their efficiency in that particular language. Most countries and colleges ask for the English language proficiency test results like the IELTS or TOEFL. They might also be asked to take general standardized tests such as SAT or GRE.  Your test scores will affect your chances to get into your preferred university or college. Therefore, it is required to send your test scores with your application.

Work Experience Certificates 

If you are applying for any Business School you may require to have work experience in the relevant field to get admission. The important documents you can submit as proof of work experience are:

  • Latest Salary Slip.
  • Employment Certificates from all Previous Employers.
  • Latest Joining Letter.

A valid passport

Lastly, it is essential to have a valid passport. In case, you don’t have your passport, or it is about to expire, then apply for it or renew it. You also need to have a passport-size photograph. You need to submit the correct sized photographs.

Additional Documents 

You can also submit any additional documents, such as paper presentations if you have any. Submit your certificates that showcase your talents and the extracurricular activities you have undertaken.

Requirements for Student Visa for Indian Students to Study Abroad

After receiving your admission application the university officer will verify the documents or profile. Once your admission is confirmed, you can apply for the Student Visa from the nearest embassy with the required documents. In some countries, the university applies for a student visa on behalf of their students. For visa application Indian students will require the following documents:


  • Entry visa application form
  • Letter of acceptance
  • Recent passport-size photographs
  • Valid travel documents
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof that you have enough financial support to manage your expenses during your studies abroad
  • Paid health insurance
  • Copy of all previous educational certificates
  • Receipt of the visa application fees

The documents required for a Visa application may vary with the country you choose to study abroad. Before applying make sure to do proper research. Watch all the documents without fail, because you can enter a foreign country only after obtaining the visa.
Make sure that you apply to your chosen universities or colleges abroad before the deadline. To take the hassle out of the tiresome application procedure, our experienced international education experts will guide you through the entire journey. 

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