Feb 7, 2019

Indian Students Might Have to Register Themselves before Studying Abroad

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Every year, more and more Indian students are opting to study abroad, and the trend is not going to fade away soon. According to the Reserve Bank, 44% of the Indian students prefer studying abroad and not from India for the higher education. In the light of the increasing number of students, the ministry of external affair has proposed a new rule for Indian students.

As per the Emigration Bill 2019, Indian Students Studying Abroad might have to register themselves before departure. The bill was proposed by the ministry of External Affairs in their Emigration Bill 2019.

Indian Students Might Have to Register Themselves before Studying Abroad

What does the Proposed Rule Say?

If the rule is passed, the Indian students studying abroad will have to go through a mandatory registration process before their departure. It is just a proposed rule and it has not been applied to the indian student studying abroad as of now. However, if the bill is passed, it will be mandatory for the students to register themselves first, when they are going to study abroad.

The reason behind this proposal is to regulate the Indian Students studying Abroad, and have an “Emigration Management Framework’. With help of this, the ministry is strengthening the process of helping the emigrants abroad. A registered person can be helped and assisted in foreign country better, in case there is any help required in the future. Students will have to register themselves digitally for the process.

It also proposes an Emigration Management Authority for the protection and welfare of the emigrants. There are two proposed bureaus, too, namely Bureau of Administration & Bureau of Emigration Policy. The agencies will handle day to day operations of emigrants including Indian Students Studying Abroad. Not only that, there will be help desks and legal assistance for the workforce and Indian students studying abroad.

Rules Already Applied for the Jobs Abroad:

The same rules of registration before departure has already been applied for the emigrants who are leaving the country to work in foreign land. The rule is to be practiced this year, where candidates going abroad for work in 18 countries had to register themselves before leaving. The countries mostly include gulf and middle eastern countries like UAE, Qatar, Sudan and many more. However, if the same rule is to be applied for the students, it is most likely to be for all the students regardless of the country they are going to.

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