Currently, COVID-19 known as coronavirus is spreading across the globe impacting everything. There are 735,015 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and a death toll of 34,804 deaths. The world is facing the worst situation, and we know you are also concerned about your study abroad dream in the context of your career. But Your health and safety are more important at present. If you will be safe and healthy, only then you will be able to complete your dreams. This article aims to give information about how coronavirus has impacted the dreams of Indian students to study abroad and also how to utilise the time in preparation to study abroad until coronavirus vanishes. 

CoronaVirus Impact on dreams of Indian students

There is a growing concern among students all over the world who had a plan to study abroad. They prepared for years, wrote several examinations including TOEFL or IELTS, approached many consultants and planned much ahead in identifying study destinations and working towards them.

With the breakout of Coronavirus, there has been a sudden break on these international study plans. COVID-19 has come as an uncommon challenge to international education. Just as much as it is a concern for aspiring international students for the experience of studying abroad, the host universities are also worried about the solution of how to fill the gaps in diversity management and anticipated deficits in their own budgets.

Last year, over 7.5 lakh of Indian students opted to study at universities abroad with the US, Canada, Australia remaining the top aspirational destinations followed by UK and Germany. The unexpected emergence of Corona has disturbed such aspirations of young Indians. For the academic year starting August-September, students should have ideally started Visa applications that have come to a grinding halt at present.

In an interview conducted by the Internationalization of Higher Education(IHE)Research Team at Manipal, it was found that 7 out of 10 students have already cancelled the plan of going abroad for studies in the upcoming academic year. Interestingly, it was observed that most of them are not backing out their plans for fear of Corona but the anticipated visa rejections. Hindustan times also had a word with few students of India lets look what they said:

  • Ayesha, who has a bachelor’s degree in economics from a prestigious university in Bangalore says she is looking for a one-year postgraduate Diploma program that can exploit her academic abilities and intercultural competencies. She said that once the virus disappears from the scene, she wishes to be in the best of universities in the USA or Australia” 
  • Shruti, who already holds a master’s degree in Public Health from a reputed non-government university and everything was set to take up a PhD program in the USA and suddenly it happened. However, she says that it is time to support the rest of the world in the fight against the virus; PhD can be done later though I am yet to explore what I would do for the academic year ahead”

Whereas before, prospective international students may have thought that they could study in a place which had been unaffected by this virus, the situation has now enlarged to a point where no region is isolated from the impacts of coronavirus, meaning there is no alternative destination.

Utilization of quarantine time

Now India is locked down for a few weeks, You can utilize this time for your research work and documentation work if possible. So that as soon as the crisis gets over you can start your study abroad process immediately. Here is how we can help until you start applying:

  • Decide what you want to study and in which host country you want to pursue your higher studies. Check out the programs, universities cost, etc everything you want to know about study abroad. You can check our country information page for more clarity: Study abroad
  • You can check the listed courses and choose the one which suits the can find the information here: Courses to study abroad
  • You can also check the articles for the latest information here: Latest updates on study abroad 
  • Read about your study options based on careers after graduation: After graduation courses
  • Learn about the test you will be in need to appear and score a good result in order to get admission in the international universities. English proficiency exams like IELTS or TOEFL and entrance exams such as ACT,  SAT, GMAT, GRE. Prepare for exams and score well and you have enough time now to prepare for it. You can get information about it here: Study abroad exams
  • As soon the quarantine comes to an end, you can get some professional experience by getting a short-term job, volunteering, or an internship. Universities prefer the students who have some work experience for a Master's degree such as an MBA. Click here to know more: MBA universities abroad.


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