With more than 15,000 international students enrolled at universities in Norway, multicultural environment is one of the main strengths of the highly reputed educational system. A high level of English in society, in general, makes it easy for international students to study and live in Norway. Here is a guide for you to study in Norway in English. 

If you are looking forward to studying in universities in Norway that teach in English, you will have more than 200 options for master’s programs taught in English, and many English-taught undergraduate programs in various subjects. Study in Norway for international students is now easy as you don't need to learn a new language.  

Study in Norway in English

Norway universities that teach in English

1. Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Norwegian University of Life Sciences is a researched-based public university.  International Students can pursue courses at both the levels, undergraduate and graduate-level. International students can count it as one of the English universities in Norway.

If you want to study in Norway in English bachelor, you can choose this university has it offers International Environment and Development Studies totally in English. You can also choose this university to study Norway masters programs in English. Here is the list of masters programs taught in English:

  • Master of Science in Agroecology
  • Master of Science in Animal science
  • Master of Science in Applied Economics and Sustainability
  • Master of Science in Data Science
  • Master of Science in Ecology
  • Master of Science in Feed Manufacturing Technology
  • Master of Science in Global Development Studies
  • Master of Science in International Environmental Studies
  • Master of Science in International Relations
  • Master of Science in Landscape Architecture for Global Sustainability
  • Master of Science in Plant Sciences

2.University of Oslo

The University of Oslo is one of the colleges in Norway that teach in English. It is one of the top Public universities located in the capital city of Norway, Oslo. According to the QS Global World Rankings 2021, the university ranks 113 among the universities in the world. UiO offers plenty of Master’s programs and PhD in a wide range of fields to English-speaking international students.

Masters degrees in English at University of Oslo

  • Biodiversity and Systematics (master's two years)
  • Bioscience (master's two years)
  • Chemistry (master's two years)
  • Computational Science (master's two years)
  • Data Science (master's two years)
  • Economics (master's two years)
  • Electrical Engineering, Informatics and Technology (master's two years)
  • Mathematics (master's two years)
  • Media Studies (master's two years)
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (master's two years)
  • Philosophy (master's two years)
  • Physics (master's two years)
  • Public International Law (master's 1 1/2-years)
  • Social Anthropology (master's two years)

PhD programs in English at University of Oslo

  • PhD at The Faculty of Dentistry 
  • PhD at the Faculty of Educational Sciences 
  • PhD at The Faculty of Law
  • PhD at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 
  • PhD at The Faculty of Theology 
  • PhD in medicine and health sciences 
  • PhD in Social Science 
  • PhD in the Humanities 

3.University of Bergen

The University of Bergen is one of the English universities in Norway for international students. It is located in the historical and picturesque city of Bergen. It is placed at 194th rank in QS Global World Rankings 2021. It is a second-oldest public university in Norway.

To study medicine in Norway in English, you can choose this university. It also offers a wide variety of Master’s programs for in other subjects for students hoping to study in English. Here are a few courses listed below:

  • Master's programme in Humanities and Aesthetic Studies
  • Master's programme in Philosophy
  • Master's programme in Biomedical Sciences
  • Master's programme in Global Health
  • Master's programme in Geographies of Sustainable Development
  • Master's programme in Global Development Theory and Practice
  • Master's programme in Physical Geography
  • Master's programme in Public Administration
  • Master's Programme in System Dynamics
  • Master's programme in Design
  • Master's programme in Fine Art

4.Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is the biggest and one of the top research-based public Norwegian university. It offers several professional study programmes and a wide range of academic curriculum. It has a Specialization in technology and the natural sciences.

International students can graduate with Norway masters degree in English at Norwegian University of Science and Technology. It offers international students both individual courses and Master’s programs which are taught in English.

  • MSC in Applied Computer Science
  • MSc in Biology
  • MSc in Biotechnology
  • MSc in Chemical Engineering
  • MSc in Chemistry
  • MSc in Communication Technology  
  • MSc in Electric Power Engineering
  • MA in European Studies     
  • MSc in Industrial Design
  • MSc in Information Security     
  • MSc in Interaction Design 
  • MSc in International Business and Marketing    
  • MSc in Materials Science and Engineering
  • MSc in Mathematical Sciences
  • MSc in Natural Resources Management
  • MSc in Neuroscience
  • MSc in Petroleum Engineering     
  • MSc in Physics         
  • MSc in Product and System Design         
  • MSc in Project Management         
  • MS in Sustainable Energy

5.University of Tromsø

The University of Tromsø is popular as the northernmost university of the world. It is one of the universities where you can study in Norway in English. It offers Bachelor’s, Master’s, and even one-year programs to English-speakers. Here is the list of few courses which are taught in English.

  • Aerospace Control Engineering - master, 2 years
  • Applied Computer Science - master, 2 years
  • Arctic Adventure Tourism - bachelor, 3 years
  • Arctic Nature Guide - one year programme, 1 year
  • Biology - master, 2 years
  • Biomedicine- master, 2 years
  • Computer Science - master, 2 years
  • Electrical Engineering- master, 2 years
  • Engineering Design- master, 2 years
  • English Literature- master, 2 years
  • Environmental Law- master, 2 years
  • Industrial Engineering- master, 2 years
  • Mathematics- master, 2 years
  • Physics- master, 2 years
  • Public Health- master, 2 years
  • Statistics- master, 2 years

PhD Programs in English at University of Tromsø

  • PhD Programme in Engineering Science- 3 years
  • PhD Programme in Law Studies- 3 years
  • PhD Programme in Natural Science- 3 years
  • PhD Programme in Science- 3 years
  • PhD Programme in Social Science- 3 years
  • PhD programme in Nautic Operations- 3 years
  • PhD programme in humanities and social sciences- 3 years

How to Meet the English Language Requirement?

To get admission into the English speaking universities in Norway, international students need to prove their proficiency in English. All applicants can meet the English language requirement by taking one of the following tests:

  • IELTS score, with a minimum score of 5.0.
  • TOEFL, with a minimum score of 500 points from TOEFL PBT (paper-based test) or 60 points from TOEFL iBT (internet-based test).

If you are not ready to take IELTS for admission and still want to study in Norway, you should check this: Study in Norway without IELTS

Now you know that Study in Norway for Indian students as well as other international students is possible even when they don't know the Norwegian language. What are you waiting for? Get up and start the process of applying to Universities in Norway. 

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