1. Study in Delft

The home to Netherlands’ oldest, largest and top ranked University; Delft is a small but significant city in Netherlands. It is very scenic with cobblestone houses, canals and snow. Just how you would like Netherlands to be. The Delft University of Technology is nation’s highest ranked University, and if mathematics and Computer Science is what you are looking for, Delft University is the place to be.

Top Universities in Delft:

Universities in Delft

World Ranking

Netherlands Ranking QS Ranking 

1. Delft University of Technology


2 54

2. IHE Delft Institute for Water Education



2. Study in Amsterdam:

Everyone has heard about Amsterdam, and the capital city of the Netherlands delivers on every expectation. Both Dutch and English Language courses, amazing City to live in and explore around, and a nightlife any student would love to have. Accommodation in Amsterdam is a tricky thing, but with proper planning, it can be overcome.

Top Universities in Amsterdam:

Universities in Amsterdam

World Ranking

Netherland Ranking QS Ranking

1. University of Amsterdam


1 58

2. Vrije University Amsterdam (VUA)




3. Study in Eindhoven

Home to World-renowned brand. Philips, Eindhoven can be characterised as a home to innovation. Just like Philips, the city itself is the hub of Technology and Engineering. Leading the way in those fields are Eindhoven University of Technology, maintaining its spot into top 100 Universities in the world. The University also works closely with Philips and other similar companies, so research and innovations are at the peak.

Top Universities in Eindhoven:

Universities in Eindhoven

World Ranking

Netherland Ranking QS Ranking

1. Eindhoven University of Technology


10 104

2. Fontys University of Applied Sciences



4. Study in Groningen

The first Dutch female student and first astronaut was from the Groningen. It is home to University of Groningen, which is ranked 120th worldwide in World University Rankings. It has a large population of the students, and is one of the favourite places for the international students to go and Study in Netherlands.

Top Universities in Groningen:

Universities in Groningen

World Ranking

Netherland Ranking QS Ranking

1. University of Groningen


7 113

2. Hanze University of Applied Sciences



3. International Business School Groningen



5. Study in Leiden

Located only 30 minutes away from Amsterdam, Leiden is not away from the unofficial capital (The Hague), too. It is best of both worlds. Same picturesque Netherlands backdrop but without the tourist rush of the Amsterdam. Just like Eindhoven, student’s community make a large part of its population.

Top Universities in Leiden:

Universities in Leiden

World Ranking

Netherland Ranking QS Ranking 

1. Leiden University


4 109

6. Study in Utrecht

Home to one of the oldest universities in Europe, the Utrecht University that was established in 1636, Utrecht is another typical student city in Netherlands. It is located centrally in the Netherlands, which makes it easier if you want to travel anywhere in the country. Another plus point to Utrecht: Nightlife!

Top Universities in Utrecht:

Universities in Utrecht

World Ranking

Netherland Ranking  QS Ranking

1. Utrecht University


5 109

2. Utrecht School of Arts



7. Study in Rotterdam

We are on the 7th city of the Netherlands and the Universities that are in those cities are still maintaining the position in the Top 200 in world. Erasmus University Rotterdam is ranked 90th in World’s best B-Schools. It has the biggest port in the Europe. Moreover, Rotterdam is the second biggest City in Netherlands.

Top Universities in Rotterdam:

Universities in Rotterdam

World Ranking

Netherland Ranking QS Ranking

1. Erasmus University Rotterdam


6 147

2. Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences



3. Rotterdam School of Management



4. Codarts Rotterdam



8. Study in Maastricht

The southernmost city of Netherlands, Maastricht is a little different and less Dutch than the rest of the Netherlands. It is a little hilly and more multicultural than any of the other cities are. It borders with Germany and Belgium, so students can travel around and can explore other nations while studying. The University of Maastricht is the second youngest Dutch University established in 1976, but still holds a world ranking of 211.

Top Universities in Maastricht :

Universities in Maastricht

World Ranking

Netherland Ranking QS Ranking

1. Maastricht University


8 200

2. Maastricht School of Management



9. Study in Tilburg

Tilburg was not always a place that students looked forward to, however, over the years it has started attracting more and more international student. It is relatively cheap to transport and stay in Tilburg than other Dutch cities. There are many festivals in summers to look forward to, most famous being a ten-day long funfair in July.

Top Universities in Tilburg:

Universities in Tilburg 

World Ranking Netherland Ranking QS Ranking

1. Tilburg University


13 357

2. TIAS School of Business and Society



10. Study in Den Haag (The Hague)

The Hague, or as locals call it, Den Haag is internationally important place. It is home to international court of justice. The Netherlands parliament is also situated in Den Haag. Hague is also home to Netherlands’ most popular beaches. The summer is full of locals and tourists enjoying on the Beach.

Top Universities in The Hague:

1. Hague University of Applied Science

2. HotelSchool the Hague

Fun Fact: University of Leiden has some parts of faculties located in The Hague, and both the cities are 15 minutes away from each other by train.

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