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Studying abroad in the Netherlands is one of the most popular options for international students. The number of international students continues to grow in Netherlands with the each passing year. If you choose to study abroad in the Netherlands, you will have access to top-quality education in the first non-English-speaking country.  Many Dutch universities offer higher education conducted in English for international students. However here are some Dos and Don'ts for International Students in Netherlands, you need to take care of.


Do's and Don'ts for International Students in Netherlands


Dos for International Students for Netherlands

1. Learn basic dutch

Even when you get admission to an English teaching course, it is advised to learn a few Dutch words. This would make your daily life a bit easy in a new country. You should put effort into learning the language. Here are some of the phrases 

  • Hello - Hoi / Hallo 
  • Bye  - Doei / Daag
  • Good Day -Goedemiddag
  • Goodnight - Goedenacht 
  • Please - Alsjeblieft
  • Thank you - Dank je wel 
  • No Problem -Geen Probleem 

2. Pick the program that’s best for you

Universities in Netherlands offer quality courses in each field to international students. As per your academic and career goals, choose the study program wisely. Also, check out the eligibility criteria and requirements of the Courses, whether you can meet them or not. After researching properly, finalize your course To know more, check this: Top courses to study in Netherlands

3. Get a job

Studying abroad is expensive. You should start working part-time along with your studies in the Netherlands. Depending on the nationality, International students may work for up to 16 hours a week with a work permit from their employer. The good news is getting a job in the Netherlands is relatively easy. Various coffee shops, pancake houses, cafes, and restaurants are always looking for extra, casual staff. Also, minimum wages are usually pretty high.

4. Get to know the city

Yes, you are in the Netherlands for studies. But who said you cannot travel and visit popular places in the Netherlands. You should not miss the opportunity of exploring the country and gaining beautiful experiences. Just explore your host country with an open mind but ensure to keep your studies on top and you will love every minute in the Netherlands.

5. Apply for VVR or a Residence Permit.

MVV, a Provincial Residence Permit, allows you to stay in the Netherlands for six months. For the courses that take more than 6 months to complete, MVV will not be sufficient. Hence, you will need a VVR, a residence permit. Once you enter the Netherlands, you have to apply for VVR or a Residence Permit.  VVR is allowed only for study purposes. It is valid for the duration of the study program you are studying. VVR will be valid only if you score 50% of credit throughout the course duration.

6. Prepare for Accommodation

International Students will have many options for accommodation. However, choosing a student house or flat is a very common thing to do for Dutch students. They stay in student dorms or other apartments. Sometimes universities in Netherlands have tie-ups with the housing societies. When you get offered accommodation, take it. This style of accommodation helps students socialize more, and not stick to people from their home country. 

Don’ts for International Students for Netherlands

1. Don’t forget the Documents

You should be very careful with your documents. You not only need them during university admission but also in the visa process and after arrival formalities in the Netherlands. Any financial documents should be kept safely, locked at all times. When traveling within the Netherlands, keep your travel documents readily accessible. Some of the important documents are:

  • identity card
  • passport
  • birth certificate 
  • proof of enrolment in your institute;
  • proof of language ability (Dutch, English, etc.);
  • previous degrees 
  • your plane tickets;
  • the printed reservation of your accommodation;

2. Don’t treat it like a vacation

Reserve your fun time for weekends or after classes and remember the reason you are there to obtain your education. No one is telling you that you cannot go out exploring or see a concert, just make sure to prioritize your coursework and studying. You are representing your program and want to make sure word gets back to your department that you were a student of the culture and the actual class.

3. Don’t forget to check for international student's scholarships

Yes, do not miss the opportunity to gain any scholarship program for which you are eligible. The Dutch government and universities offer plenty of scholarships to attract international students to study there. Do take the benefit of it. This will help you to make your studies affordable in the Netherlands. Check out the eligibility criteria of the scholarship and apply accordingly. You will find the list of scholarships here: Scholarships in Netherlands for international students

4. Don’t Expect the Same Comforts as Home

The Netherlands is a beautiful country with everything you could need to enjoy your time living there. However, things and experiences can be quite different from what you have experienced in your home country. You may feel like you are missing some of the comforts you have in your home country. But don’t get scared, try to adjust yourself to this new atmosphere wholeheartedly. Within a few months, you will feel comfortable then it will feel like home.

We hope these do's and don'ts for international students in the Netherlands will help you to make your study abroad journey easy. You will find many other international students coming from different parts of the world. Get along with them. Enjoy studying there and make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. If you come across any major problems you can always contact your university.

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